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The NFL Thread!!!!!


TBH, I watch a few good matchups during the season but I can’t for the life of me sit through 11 hours on a given Sunday. There are 3 games scheduled just about back to back from 1 pm to 11 pm. Too much.

As for Kapoernick, I get what he is doing about the second class citizenship of people of color, but as Jim Brown said in that article it could be done better.


You’re putting stock in Jason Whitlock, sports journalism’s answer to Uncle Ruckus?


What’s wrong with Jason Whitlock?


Which makes sense and to be honest I was mainly just ribbing Jim because he made such a passionate plea for how great NFL was not long back. I am really quite a sports nut. In most of these kind of discussions we have back and forth over which is better, a lot of nationalistic stuff about what is real ‘football’ etc. I actually like pretty much all of it. We don’t get much NFL broadcast over here but I watched all of the Superbowl final this year and loved it. Really tense and exciting until the end.

In my teens and twenties I’d watch almost anything, it won’t ever be popular here but I think what I like most is it’s a lot less predictable than most fiction that follows formulas.

Time does catch up though and I have found myself adrift from some sports, I don’t follow football (the soccer version) anywhere near like I did in my twenties. I find myself following the results more than the games. My team just went top of the league undefeated and I was on edge watching the score updates via the web, I haven’t seen a single second of any of the games. :smile:



What the actual


So the season is going to start but I am not really feeling it.

Don’t get me wrong. I will catch the highlights on those sports shows, a few playoff games, and of course the Super Bowl, but this year, the enthusiasm is not what it used to be.

Oh well…


they already tried him. thats why Elway went and got Peyton because he could not cut it


Say your NFL predictions now or forever hold your peace…


The Packers will make it to the playoffs again, but will lose badly to a team who actually has a consistently performing offense and defense, instead of squeaking by with killer passes by their quarterback.


The Denver Broncos will decide on a quarterback by the end of the season. Maybe.


The Patriots will lose tonight.


Jets beat Lions in the SuperBowl in double overtime; final score 7-6.

For what it’s worth.





I figured Belichick would want to squash the undefeated talk right off the bat and let them know they have work to do.

Well that and I figured the Chiefs are pretty good and Julian Edelman is way underrated and isn’t someone you lose and just shrug.


Good game. Also watching Dodgers/Rockies, Rox on top 6-1 in 5th. Yay!

Good call, Robert!