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The NFL Thread!!!!!


Agreed on their chicken. It’s all kinds of fantastic.

But I assume that stadium will be used for more than just Falcons games, so they will be open for more than just 8 or 9 sundays out of the year.


NAACP official: NFL should take our boycott threat seriously


These Kaepernick protests are ridiculous and part of the reason no team wants to sign him. If his play had been better the last couple of years someone would have signed him. But right now he’s not good enough to justify the media drama he would bring.


Kaepernick has 16 TD’s and 4 INT’s in 11 starts last year, a 59% completion rating and a QB rating of 91. On a team where you’d struggle to name a single wide receiver. Oh and nearly 500 ytd rushing for another couple of TD’s. He’s better than half the current starters in this league. He’s at the same level as Andy Dalton, Phillip Rivers, Alex Smith and Russell Wilson, and he’s better than Eli Manning, Joe Flacco and Carson Palmer. And he can’t even get a backup job.

I’m dropping out of NFL this year. Gave up on my fantasy team after 17 years. The league is screwed anyway when Brees, Brady and Rogers retire but I don’t really have an interest in wasting my time on the sport anymore. It’s all NBA for me now.


That will make @RobertB very happy.



I’m sticking with the NFL for the time being, but only Patriots games. I’ll probably ride it until Brady and Belichick are gone, and they’re getting pretty old for their relative jobs. It’s kind of a sickening league in many ways, especially in how they treat their players, and I think the actual on-field product has gotten much worse. So many games are just boring and poorly played now, including ones by the “good” teams.

The NBA is indeed clearly far and away the best team sport in the US right now, it’s the smartest, most exciting, most personable, most fan-friendly, funniest, most accessible, most 21st-century sports league. It’s shockingly well run but we’re also just in a fruitful moment when there are like 40 really compelling, really good players throughout the league, and there’s isn’t an asshole among them. That is incredibly rare.

As for Kaepernick he is clearly good enough to be on a roster and is clearly being frozen out and possibly colluded against. I personally have no problem with his protest — in general I think it’s weird and dumb we play the anthem before sporting events to begin with, unless it’s like veteran’s day or something — but he also didn’t handle it as well as others who have done the same thing. He didn’t follow it up with ideas about how to address problems and lift other people up like other have done, such as Michael Bennett recently.

He’s also definitely not doing himself any favors by not taking his story to the media. There should be like 50 feature stories in Sports Illustrated, GQ, the Guardian, Buzzfeed, ESPN, etc etc, about how he tends his barbecue, loves his kids, gives lots of money to charity (he does) and wants what is best for his community. Instead we hear nothing from his camp at all, which makes me think that maybe he likes the pariah role.


This is what leads me to believe Jason Whitlock’s assertion that this is being driven by his girlfriend; he may believe it but she directed this or at least cultivated it.

Regardless, it is weird he and his agent haven’t gotten his message out.


Those stats are fine, but they don’t really tell the whole story. In two of his best games, statistically, last season (vs NO and ATL) he didn’t start moving the ball until his team was already down by 18 and 21 points, respectively. He was a disaster against the Bears, the Bucs, and the Bills. Yes, his TD-INT rate is really good, but he was also top 5 in QB fumbles with 9 in 12 games. To his credit, he only three of those were lost. He averaged 186 yards per game, which put him 30th. That puts him below Fitzpatrick, Case Keenum, Bortles, Osweiler, Eli, etc. (in many cases, well below their average). His 16 TD put him 25th in the league, his TD per game average at 20th in the league.

So yes if you put that altogether, he’s statistically better than a handful of the starters out there, but the question any team would have to ask is whether or not he’s enough of an upgrade over the crap they have to put up with the media circus that’s going to follow him?

I have nothing against his protests. I respect his and anyone’s right to do as they please during the national anthem. Like Robert, I think playing the anthem is kind of weird in general. I don’t really respect that in the middle of his protests he also didn’t bother to vote in the election, but whatever. I will admit, however, that even though I think he was always overrated, I’m surprised he hasn’t been signed. But I still think protesting him not being signed is ridiculous.

I also admit that Kaep has always come off, to me, kind of pompous. And I think that’s part of his problem here. Especially when you look across the Bay and see Derek Carr, who comes off as a great, humble dude. I don’t know how much Kaep cares about playing football. And that’s fine, he could do way more good for the world as an activist anyway, should he so desire.


This is a league that welcomed Michael Vick back and put up with the media circus. Teams simply don’t like what he represents.


I know geography will pay its part but to me this all sounds very fickle.

A year or so back Jim was lecturing on how great NFL was and now can’t be arsed. Supporting my local football and rugby teams are pretty compulsory, however shit they perform.

I always have a respect for Manchester City fans because they were crap and got relegated to the third tier but always kept the same big loyal crowds.


Fair enough. My main point really is that if he were a good enough player the teams would sign him. Because they did allow Vick and Ray Lewis to keep footballing.


Possibly. It’s also possible he doesn’t fit the scheme of teams that need a QB, that his style has been figured out by defenses, etc.

I don’t care either way. I can’t stand the NFL for how they treat former and current players regarding the concussion issue and how inept Goodell is at handing out punishments.


Perhaps you missed the point - it’s still a great sport, I just find it distasteful to support a sport that’s clearly got racist undertones. I’d thought the NFL was above politics, but Kaepernick has revealed the underbelly of the sport. It’s not something I’m comfortable with.

It’s also not a shock that I’d have less interest when my favorite players retire. US Sports are still personality based - it’s not like soccer where you can have 11 who-the-fucks on the field and you support the jersey because it’s some territorial bullshit. I don’t support the Bears right now because they have no-one to root for on the squad.


I kind of get that but only just (the sporting and not race elements). It’s not as if all soccer or rugby players lack charisma, I think they’d love a lot of them but yeah it is a territorial thing. That’s not necessarily bad, in a couple of rare notable areas it is consumed by horrible sectarian bollocks but not in my life or the majority of teams.

I could never really understand my old boss that was Texas born and bred and loved the Miami Dolphins. If you just support the best team, as they do in Malaysia mostly, it seems a little pointless.

The biggest thrill you can ever get in sport is when your half arsed team beats a major rival or wins a cup in an upset.


I couldn’t tell you who plays in the Irish soccer or rugby squads, but would still support them. And lots of folks still support their local teams. However given how personality based sports fanship is here, you need players to root for. The Bears have no redeeming starters. They just have no-one of any depth of personality. The Bulls just traded Jimmy Butler for a bag of beans as they’re in full tank mode. I got tired of baseball as it’s just tough to watch regular games even though this Cubs team seem fun and destined for success, and I never really got behind Ice Hockey.

My favorite QB’s determine the teams I followed. Kurt Warner because of his story (he was a no-one who got a chance like I was when I arrived in the states), and then Drew Brees who’s been my fantasy football starter for 10 years. And I like LeBron and Brady because of the historical things they’re doing - to me it’s like rooting for Phelps or Bolt.

I could never support Tyrone football as I was born in Derry. I think I’d rater suck dick. And I was born 2 miles form the Tyrone border and half my family live in Tyrone. So I get regionality. But the states is such a transitory melting pot that people support all sorts of teams.

The other thing is the boys fill up all my free time now, so I don’t want to lose Sundays trying to follow NFL. It’s a hobby I can’t indulge anymore. NBA though is such a fun melodrama that it’s a perfect mix of competitive sports, highly entertaining personalities and constant telenovella-esque melodrama. I swear they don’t even need to play and it’s still fantastic. This off season is the best thing this summer and it’s simply players moving to other teams.


It’s not necessarily fickle, I’m just getting old. I’ve cut almost all sports out of my life for reasons of time and that I have more important concerns, but I’ve stuck with football because my team happens to be very good, with players that link back to my mid twenties when I watched a lot more sports than now. They also make deep playoff runs every year and that’s a rare chance to see friends I don’t see often.

I’ve devoted almost all of my sports energy to pro basketball which was always my biggest love anyway. I’ll watch the Celtics through thick and thin, in fact they just made a big trade that should improve them significantly but I’m more bummed to lose the players who were shipped out than I am happy to be winning more.


I’m simply trying to figure out what the Broncos are doing about a QB.

It’s been odd since Peyton left.


I hear there is a minor league baseball player who is quite good at chucking footballs.


And let’s not forget Ben Roethlisberger, Mr. Sexual Assault himself.