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The NFL Thread!!!!!



Rex, Rob Ryan involved in Nashville bar fight, because of course they are


The Jets are going to be terrible…


Fixed that for you, Al. :grinning:


Apparently, the Jets are trying to follow “the process” like the 76ers did in the NBA. Good luck to them.:joy:



EDIT: There was a link here for an article titled “What football will look like in the future” but something’s up with, so I took the link off.


Colin Kaepernick appears to respond to Michael Vick’s hair comments with tweet




the Jets are going to tank the season hoping to draft this potential franchise QB in college now. Might work.

Something like the Colts had that lost season, drafted their QB Andrew Luck and let Peyton Manning go elsewhere to Denver.





New Falcons stadium will have Chick-Fil-A … which won’t be open on Sundays


That’s really dumb.



Interesting comment from Mike Klis, who is a sportscaster deep in the Broncos camp.
He expects “several” players to sit out the Anthem after Charlottesville.
This should be interesting from the pre-game.


I applaud them for sticking with their core values.


If they stuck to their core values they wouldn’t invest in a company that makes all its workforce have to work every Sunday. Instead they’re trying to gave it both ways.

Their chicken is awesome though.