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The NFL Thread!!!!!



If Kaepernick is unsigned going into next season it’ll be a huge scandal for the NFL and will only hasten people into walking away from Football. Considering the need for black players sacrificing their health for entertainment, considering dog killers and wife beaters get jobs, rejecting a competent winning QB because he had the gall to hold a political opinion is a disgrace to the owners.

I have a theory that once Rogers, Brees and Brady leave the NFL will be screwed. They’ve been kept buoyant by fantasy football but it’s become impossible to play. I hope more fans jump to the NBA instead.


It’s a very technical game. As such they need to keep on with the devotees. It has other faults with low scoring but football is so popular because it’s easy. Basketball equally is very easy to grasp.


I think most sports are personality based (not rugby & soccer, it doesn’t matter who the players are - it’s about clubs and teams). The NFL had a great generation of personalities but there hasn’t been a new charismatic QB in some time.

Fantasy football is impossible now because of injuries and how teams play.


I’d agree and challenge that at the same time Jim. I think personalities have a huge influence on it all. It all runs counter to the professionalism, you won’t ever get a Gazza or Best or Hurricane Higgins again.


Fix 4 u!


Ugh! I wouldn’t wish baseball on anyone.


They make prisoners at Gitmo watch baseball to discipline them.


Madness! It’s the Great American Pastime!

Football is combat. Baseball is strategy and tactics.

Football is violent. Baseball is graceful (and violent when needs be).

Football is simple. Baseball is complex.

Football have pigskins. Baseball has horsehide.

And I’m turning into George Carlin on inadequate caffeine.


I’ve been a fan of most pro sports at some point, but the NFL and NHL are the only that still hold my interest. And both of those have their issues.

But for me MLB is too damn long in every possible way and the NBA feels like it’s too easily dominated by star players, which gets dull in a completely different way. Plus the last 2 minutes of a semi-close basketball game are utterly infuriating.


50 years ago maybe. Baseball is propped up by old men and drunks looking for something to watch between beers and going for a piss.


Any televised sports event is mostly advertising. How much time is actually spent on the field or court? Does it cut to commercial at the least opportunity?

Then there is baseball. On the field, all the time. Often with a strike zone graphic! Commercials - 2 minutes, twenty seconds, consistently between inning halfs. The games time is the game time, not an excuse to repeat advertising.


There’s 40 seconds of people standing around cupping their balls between each pitch! It’s the least interesting spectator sport of them all.


You’re watching the wrong things. If you’re watching a good scratch, that’s what they want. You’re not seeing the third baseman fading to his left or that other signal the catcher just gave the pitcher. The closer, the better! I like baseball close up, football far enough far away to see the patterns.



Boring? How about the night Dodger Stadium - and the players, and many fans - got pelted with D cell batteries because some numbnuts decided “Flashlight Night” was onomatopoeic? Similar scene in Candlestick, and earlier in Shea when - for the love of Grud! - they passed out souvenir baseball bats to New Yorkers! Walk-off home runs. Hit by pitch. Robin Ventura charging Nolan Ryan’s mound. A perfect game. (I pitched a bit. I would have been happy with a perfect at-bat.) Stolen bases.

It’s controlled chaos, performed in a gentlemanly manner.

Football is a gang fight with too many rules.


I dozed off reading that post.



Perhaps I should have paused for a commercial interruption? You have enough Sero-Vital on hand? Or are you on your way to SonoBello or the local ambulance-chaser?


All things being equal, baseball is an acquired taste and it does not have the rough guys that football, boxing, and MMA has.

It is a slow game and other games that are faster and have more action have apparently past it by.