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The NFL Thread!!!!!


That’ll make my friend Tommy very happy. That will also make the ones who like to sack the back very happy!


The definition of “Pyrrhic victory”:


Aaron Hernandez, ex-NFL player, kills himself in prison



Was being discussed in the news thread Chris if you want to take a look. Bad craic all round.


I can’t see it in “This is the thread for news”.

I agree it is bad news all round but I do wonder what brought this on after he was successfully defended in the last case. He only got an additional 5 years (although I have to admit I don’t know how long the additional murder sentence was).


Sorry Chris, my mistake, it’s here -


Life in prison with no possibility of parole.


There is speculation in the Boston area that he killed himself because if you die when your case is in appeal, then the guilty verdict gets thrown out. That makes the civil case much more difficult and could mean his young daughter keeps his money.


On Russillo & Kannell, They talked to a lawyer who works at Espn now and she said exactly that. Also the civil case has a 5 million dollar war chest that reverts to his daughter if it is not needed so that also benefits his family if the case gets dropped


What a nice guy!


Yeah, I guess it’s nice that he’s looking out for his young girl by hanging himself, but it’s also taking the money away from the family of a person he murdered execution style.

Whenever you follow the NFL for 5 minutes you almost need to take a shower after.


Schedules are out and I’m delighted!

They open at home on my birthday against the Los Angeles ( :laughing: ) Chargers. I don’t see any major problems.

If only we had a quarterback…


I am glad there hasn’t been a long tangent here about Aaron Hernandez…

No offense, but rough sports like football, boxing, MMA, etc. have some violent guys playing and being star athletes who aren’t wrapped too tight in the head. Just saying…


It’s why I play football Al…


That’s horseshit.

The problem with combat sports, football, etc is that they take repeated blows to the head, damaging their brain. We’re at the tip of the iceberg on research of traumatic brain injuries these guys have but we already know it drastically alters their personality in horrible ways. Couple that with pain killers and alcohol and it’s a deadly combination for them and potentially others.


It isn’t equine excrement

I agree with you on head trauma. I was just saying that some are sociopathic to begin with and get into those sports.


It’s a professional league full of college educated millionaire players in a public setting with huge community involvement. A sociopath wouldn’t make it to the NFL.


I don’t agree that a sociopath wouldn’t make it to the NFL, but I don’t believe they’d last long.


You were trying to make it sound like the NFL was full of morons and killers. Neither of which are true.