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The NFL Thread!!!!!


Cautiously optimistic.

I just hope this isn’t a move to bring Romo on board.


You may have him, we don’t want him. Straw poll on yesterday’s news was 87% NO ROMO to 13% who clicked the wrong item.




@Miqque, he ain’t in Houston (or Denver) yet:


That was a big banner headline on the TV when I had the sound off. They’re still messin’ around.

Comcast has apparently throttled my signal to the point where a live stream cannot be handled, so I have no idea why the Broncos are live right now.


So where the Cowboys are being so oblivious is no one is going to pay anything for Romo. What Elway has said is the Broncos would talk to him if he was a free agent. There is no contract waiting for him. just an interview like a kid coming out of college. Its like car shopping. They’d kick the tires, maybe a test drive, Nothing more

P.s. Elway used to be a Car dealer, he knows how to value a used car.


I don’t think they have a “push, pull or drag” program for QBs!




@Miqque and @Don:

This was an interesting bit for you guys:

I’ve believed for the last week that Jones hopes an offer will be made to him at the upcoming league meetings in Arizona. The truth could be that Jones plans in Phoenix to make a team like the Broncos a low-ball, face-saving offer that gets the Cowboys some marginal value for Romo — and that ensures he’ll never play for the Houston Texans.

If this theory is true, it would be the rare time I’m agreeing with Jones.


And from the other end, Elway has been clear that maybe - maybe! - he’d pick up Romo if Romo was released. Like, on the cheap and as third-string replacement part for the twin noobs.


Romo will be the week 1 starter for the Broncos. Book it.


There are days I hate you SO MUCH!


You’ll hate Romo more. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh, I already DO!

You ever hear Regis Philbin talk about Romo? Regis is right.



And here we see the rare Jim emoji. Once thought to be extinct, it thrives here within the NFL thread.


the only offer Elway should accept is a 7th rd pick conditional on Romo playing in 16 game. so if Romo does not play in 16 games, The Broncos owe Dallas nothing.

Jim is just feeling feisty because the Bears finally got just rid of PunchFace after 6 years


Romo’s a top 20 NFL QB when healthy. I know there’s health concerns but maybe they’re just bad luck. I’m amazed more teams aren’t scrambling for him.


It was 8!! I know, it feels much more like 6. I thought it was 5 before that news broke. I was surprised when I heard it was so long but I’m a rare bears fan that actually likes Cutler, just not so much his offensive line.