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The NFL Thread!!!!!


To say that Brady is the GOAT, imho, takes away from the other QB’s like Montana, Bradshaw, even Marino and Fouts.
Brady is up there though.

As for Kapaernick, he made his point and needs to lay low, focus on Qbing, and so on. He has an arm but needs to get his head back in the game.


Definitely. He seems like a likeable and bright guy, but maybe with some confusion in critical areas. If he’s around the right kind of team he should mature spectacularly (probably more as a good human being than a star quarterback, good-but-not-great QB).


How does his protests have anything to do with his performance on the field?

The 49er’s have been a shitstorm since Harbaugh left. Kap’s just been stuck in the middle of a shitty situation.


Interaction with teammates, coaches, fans, all have to have an effect. We saw here last year the effect of weak leadership with the Broncos, neither QB could really get the guys going. You’ve been in a leadership position enough times to know everything the boss does affects the team. This is why I think Colin needs to go and learn and be quiet for a year or two.


Same dude led this team to a Superbowl not so long ago.


Brady is the GOAT, no question about it. The others you mentioned are top five to ten but Brady has them all beat.




Yes, clearly. There’s no counter argument.



How so? No other quarterback has accomplished what he has.


I’d say it depends on what GOAT means to you .

To me, Brady would have to be the best in any era of football you put him in and that is tough to say that he would have been the best in the 70’s outdoing Staubach, Bradshaw, etc.

Bradshaw won 4 in 6 years and the Steelers won decisively in those days, not down to the wire where it could have gone either way.

Montana won big too in SF and never had an interception in the SB. He was clutch.

Brady is up there don’t get me wrong, but I don’t see him being better than the others. Peyton Manning would probably have won as many if he was on the Pats all those years instead of Brady.

And you can’t say that Brady only had Moss for a year and everyone else sucked, because time will tell about Welker, Amendola, Gronkowski, etc. They are all good receivers in their role under Bellicheks system which doesn’t depend on the big “star” receiver.

It is all relative, different eras, times, the way the game was played decades ago to now.


Al, if Brady failed to win a championship this last time, your viewpoint might hold more weight, but he did do it.
Now any conversation against Brady could never do anything more than go in circles, with no resolution.

Sometimes it’s not what we want, but that’s life. It doesn’t take away anything from Montana and Bradshaw (and really, the only two other names because it’s all about winning).

Me? I wish Jim Kelly and Fran Tarkenton each had a ring, just because multiple appearances without just looks sad (although neither one keeps me awake at night), and throw in Marino as well.

But the one I really wish I could go back and change is Warren Moon.

Edit: I see you posted while I was posting. Ummm, I’ll read later, just starting to get ready for UFC tonight, already started on the beers.
Cheers all. Play safe.


Bradshaw had a legendary defense. That he wasn’t great without them shows it was their efforts that won so many games.

Montana had Jerry Rice. Best wide receiver in history.

Brady’s won with 3 completely different rosters. He’s had barely any hall of famers. He set the single season touchdown record. His regular season record over 15 years is unsurpassed.

Honestly it’s a waste of time to even post a response. This shouldn’t be a debate. Even all the ESPN talking heads agree on this.


I don’t think it does.


I hate Tom Brady on a primal level. He is also the greatest QB of all time.

I despise Bill Belichick just as much, if not more. He is the greatest football coach of all time.

These two ending up together and making one another better at their respective jobs is like some kind of mathematical miracle.

God, I hate the Patriots so, so much.

But credit where credit’s due.

I know full goddamn well that if Belichick were hired by the Eagles, I would be doing backflips, because I’d know that a SB win was in our near-future.

God damn it.


“God Of American Television”, right?!



Jeez, was Cutler with us for 8 seasons??? They’ve flown by, feels like about 4 or 5!



Osweiler to the Browns. Seems right. Happy, Todd?