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The NFL Thread!!!!!


He’s going to Denver. Old washed up QB’s have a good history there - all they need to do is hold Tony upright for the season and they should make the playoffs.


Jim? Buddy? Pal? Fuck thee!

No mo’ Romo in Denver!




Can’t he just go to the Lions?



No :horse_racing:




There was a lot of local yammer about wanting him for Denver before last season. Then that, and maybe not the most stellar play. However, I wonder.


I have no doubt Kaepernick is a great QB and will thrive if he gets another chance. He’s probably going to end up ona bad team with bad ownership by default though, and that doesn’t give him much of a chance. He had some great games last year.


Who’s building up right now? Seattle?


What role would he have at Seattle? That would be an awful move for Kaepernick.


I guess his role would be to sit on the bench and relearn what it takes to win. That’s about it.




…but in all seriousness, those look a lot better.


Now to overhaul the team…

There is an okay running qb about to become available!


I hate the Rams and Raiders for the same reason. They both bailed on me, leaving property tax bills I had to pay! Fuck 'em!


He needs to give up being a vegan if he wants to stay healthy and viable in the NFL. But at best he’ll be a back up where ever he lands.


Bitter much?


I have no idea what that’s all about, but I approve on principle.