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The NFL Thread!!!!!


No doubt, that play calling was terrible. I was yelling at the TV about its stupidity. But yeah, tons of talent. Still, it’s got to be a hell of a demoralizing defeat.


It was also clear that as the game progressed the injury to the falcons centre was really causing him problems staying with a block. A number of the sacks/qb pressures, including the play that should have been a fg, came from a sustained bullrush on the centre.


No? How about “We fucked up”?


Wasn’t going to say anything, but now I have to.

First that Edelman catch was on third down, the game didn’t depend on it. Second, Montana had Jerry fucking Rice to throw to, Bradshaw had the steel curtain to save his ass. Brady has who-the-fuck as his wide receivers. James White was his running back - James Who that’s never done anything in football. How many hall of famers has he played with?Moss for a single season when they nearly went undefeated?

Brady has won the Superbowl with three completely different squads, he’s won in his rookie season, he’s won in his 15th year, he’s won his conference every year but 2 and he’s won 5 superbowls, been to another 2, and been to 4 more conference finals. 11 out of 15 seasons he’s made the conference finals.

If you’re not saying he’s the best QB to ever play after all that then who on earth could be? In fact who could be considered a better football player in any position?


Who are you talking to?

I can tell you up here in New England it’s the first day since November that everyone hasn’t looked like they’re expecting to be punched in the face any second. I did a bunch of errands around the city and everyone was uniformly happy for the first time in a long time. Lots of “we needed this” from everyone from my local manager to my cousin who is a mother of four. One of my best friends who was diagnosed with some awful thing and has been in out of critical care all year said he started bawling when Brady hugged his dying mom after, but that he needed to do it. It’s been a rough year. Thank you Brady.


My dislike for the Pats us well known, but I won’t argue Brady’s greatness. These greatest ever discussions are always a bit weird. The game is different than it was when Montana played. But Brady is the best of his generation, for sure.


Here I’m talking to Chris.


Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are simply the greatest at their jobs, ever. I hate the Pats, but credit where credit’s due. Their accomplishments together are astonishing.

They both also support Donald Trump (Belichick’s kiss-ass letter to him was embarrassing on multiple levels,) so fuck them both.


First of all you didnt have, you may feel you must and thats ok. He’s the GOAT. you are right. But that is not going to change much. People who hate him stil will hate him. People who love him will continue to do so. People hated the Yankees when they won all those titles. People still hate/love Saban even though he lost the Championship. Congratulations to your win


He’s not comparable to the Yankees. He doesn’t have an augmented payroll to stack the deck. Or Saben who has his pick of recruits. The guy wins no matter what you put around him. He never plays with a stacked deck.


It’s an interesting point. Obviously Brady is great, but they’ve also managed to build an incredible system with a great staff that can win (regular season games) without Brady too. This is the system that made Matt Cassel look like he might be a good QB. Spoiler alert: he was mediocre, at best.

It’s also worth noting that winning teams with a winning culture attract top tier talent in a way that other teams struggle to do. The Raiders, for over a damn decade, were such pathetic losers that top tier talent only went there for the money. And it had to be a lot of money, after which the players didn’t give a shit (see Randy Moss who was a whiny little punk on the Raiders and once again a superstar with Brady). The Patriots? Top tier talent will likely be willing to take a little less money for the legitimate chance at a championship.

None of this is a knock against Brady or the Patriots. It’s something they earned by winning first.


The system helps, no doubt. Too many Patriots players go to other teams and become a shadow of themselves. And too many passed over players come to New England and thrive. But the plays still have to be made and I’m not sure if the Pats would have been all that different if they’d had Manning or Rothlesberger or Vick or Rivers.

The Pats with Brees or Rogers probably gives those guys at least 3 Superbowl wins.



The loss wasn’t Ryan’s fault. It was Kyle Shanahan, and he’s run to San Francisco to help the 49ers suck for the next half decade.

It’d be crazy for Brady to retire. He’s not falling apart like Manning was.


I agree, Brady easily has another Superbowl in him, especially when he’s one of the most continually well protected QBs in Football. I’d say him and Belichik will cement their standing with at least one more before a joint retirement, depends on how much they like the number seven.

Edit: Also…


Three quarters of mediocre play.

Over thrown, under thrown and who the hell was that too passing.

I can’t disagree that the performance in the fourth was outstanding but for me to call Brady GOAT then the game should have never been in doubt.

It is my expectation that if someone is the greatest of all time they should be automatic, and let’s face it, tedious to watch.

I have to agree that a great deal of the blame regarding the incompletions through quarters 1-3 has to fall at the feet of the no name, former college qb receiving core. It is inexcusable to have the ball in your hands and not bring it in. Julio Jones showed you can complete a contested pass but some of the drops weren’t even contested.

I was surprised Brady’s half-time passing stats and the Patriots overall yardage was higher than the Falcon’s at half-time.

I really believe that the system in New England is the greatest strength here. Whatever it is that they are doing to produce the best possible version of each player. Moss, Cassell and others have already been mentioned. You have the 199th pick of his draft class now the subject of this kind of arguement. Something about the mentality of the team is producing bigly self-confident players who seem to be able to leave their ego’s at the door and understand better than anyone else that they are a cog in a well oiled machine.

I suppose if I was a real Pats/Brady hater I’d have something to say about three quarters being the time it took for the team to adjust to regulation footballs.




Please don’t come to Houston!


Don’t come to Denver