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The NFL Thread!!!!!


Last time Houston hosted the Super Bowl, Janet Jackson flashed her tit.

This time…


So wanted the Falcons to win. Fuck Tom Brady!


GOAT motherfuckers!!!


A select few in the bar I’m in are elated. The rest of us are in a stunned disbelief.


I’m putting this out here now but…

The performance of Brady in this game proved he is not GOAT. Without the Edelman catch on a tipped pass they wouldn’t have won.

I am however expecting him to retire now to cement the legend.


Credit where credit is due, the Patriots were phenomenal in the second half.


That ended up being a great game!


The mischievious side of me was hoping they’d disallow the touchdown after they’d set off all the confetti cannons etc.



Shades of the bloody “election”.



Atlanta had one. Fucking. JOB!!!


Fourth Quarter.

As for disallowing the TD, Brady was trying to tell the media etc to leave the field initially.



Brady and company had the poise and experience to get back in it… I still don’t believe it.


Watching that game felt like the 2016 election night all over again.


They exploited the weaknesses they noticed in the coverage which was the inability to limit separation on hard cutting hooks etc in the short to mid range. It also helped that Brady suddenly remembered how to throw accurately again.


Except this time the blue states beat the red states.


Well, I guess I got what I wanted. Freeney got a sack and Coleman got a TD. Wild game!


What an epic collapse. Seriously, I don’t know that the Falcons ever recover from that. It’s the kind of masterful choking that can destroy a franchise for years.

But as much as I’ve always hated, and always will hate Brady I never doubted his talent or that they’d win the game. Can’t stand that franchise, but they’re damn good at what they do.

Still, I hear trump left his view party in the third. And that’s when the Pats started turning things around. I’m calling fix! :wink:


The Falcons should be fine. Julio isn’t going anywhere, Ryan isn’t going anywhere, their 2 running backs aren’t going anywhere and the defense will get a little more experienced. They’re a great team that’s not about to be broken up like other Superbowl losers were. I expect to see them in the playoffs for the next 4-5 years. And I’d pin the loss on the coaching - that playcalling where they could take taken the field goal but git the sack and the hold to put them out of range was a huge mistake, a lesson to take the points more than take the risk.

Over the last year I’ve watched Lebron come back from 3-1 down and put in a legendary performance, I’ve watched the Cubs play the greatest game 7 in history, and I’ve watched Brady buckle down and dig himself out of an impossible hole. At this point I think I should just retire from watching sports as this year has been the best it’s ever been and really as good as it gets.