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The NFL Thread!!!!!


Most epic retirement in sports history? Not sure about that. Nico Rosberg’s recent retirement from F1 stunned the racing community and F1 is a bigger global sport than the NFL.


Been waiting for them to do another one of these:



That video is fantastic. I hope we get angry, resentful chip-on-his-shoulder Brady tomorrow.



Yeah? Don’t let the door hit ya in the ass.


I hope Dwight Freeney gets to Brady at least once. I’m also pulling for IU running back Coleman to have a great game for Atlanta.


Here’s my bets. Stakes range from £1 up to £10. (decimal odds listed)

HTFT tie falcons 23
tie PATS 17
longest td - under 49.5 1.91
1st td sanu 17
hooper 29
dimarco 81
lewis 13
bennett 13
coleman 11
gabriel 21
anytime td sanu 2.63
hooper 4.33
dimarco 12
lewis 2.38
bennett 2.5
coleman 2.2
gabriel 3.25
mvp sanu 41
coleman 41
lewis 26
1st atlanta td sanu 10
coleman 8.5
1st new td lewis 8
bennett 8.5
1st Q FG yes 1.91
FG miss yes 2.63
lewis rush yds O40.5 1.91
lewis rec yds O25.5 1.91
Lewis recepts O2.5 1.91
coleman rush ydsO39.5 1.91
coleman rec ydsO29.5 1.91
white rec yds O26.5 1.91
hooper rec yds O18.5 1.91
hooper recepts O1.5 1.91
Gabriel recpets O3.5 1.91
Gabriel rec yds O50.5 1.91
bennett rec yds O39.5 1.91
mitchell recpetsO2.5 1.91
1st timeout atlanta 1.83
highest half 2nd 1.83
1st Q fg yes 2.1
2nd Q fg yes 1.57
3rd Q fg yes 2.1
4th Q fg yes 1.66
freeney sack yes 4
tom ru 1st downyes 2.62
first sacked brady 2
penalties under 13.5 1.44
penalty yardage under 109.5 1.83
Points 57.5 under 1.91
Total turnovers under 2 3.2
atlanta all 4 Q yes 2.75
first score fg 2.88
3 unanswered no 2.75
2pt conversion yes 3.1




GOAT? What goat?


So goats can’t tackle!



I mean, DAMN.


This is like the Green Bay game and I don’t think the Pats have an answer either. Barely a glimmer of it in first half, if they do.


Good to see Dazzler performing the half time show.


This is looking like the Denver v Seattle super bowl a couple years ago… Yawn…


Holy shit!!


Tie game? Less than a minute?

Atlanta needs to do something now. I think the OT is already written…


Yeah, I take back what I said… Unreal.


I’m watching my first Superbowl in about 20 years. It is categorically my fault it has gone into overtime for the first time.