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The NFL Thread!!!!!


I hope the Packers are just being nice and letting the Falcons look good at home.


So much for the Packer train.


37-7, 19:11 to go, it ain’t over till the fat lady is singing.


Two lasers from Rodgers and waking up maybe too little too late.
37-15 as the 4th begins.

Two minutes later: Shit. R.I.P.


Former New York Jets defensive player Mark Gastineau announced yesterday that he has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and dementia. He’s 60 years old.


Once the Gatorade is administered, it’s all over.

Don’t have a horse in the other race.


As a Packer fan, that was the least fun I’ve had watching a football game in as long as I can remember. On the other hand, I didn’t think we’d be able to make the playoffs, let alone the NFC championship, so I’m content that I got so much extra season.

After a beating like that, I have some faith in the Falcons being able to contest the Patriots in the Super Bowl. It looks like it will be a good game. Go Falcons.


I’ll be rooting for the Falcons.


May The Brady forgive your transgressions.


I’m sure he’ll be deflated by my lack of support.

Besides, Brady has bigger things to deal with:


im sorry but Im not going to follow anyone who doesn’t seem to know what a kleenex is used for.


I hope the Super Bowl is better than almost every single playoff game this year. What a boring, lop-sided affair this has been.



I think it’ll be close. Atlanta’s offense is tough to stop so I think both teams will lack up the scores.


Time to start yabbering about SB before politics and reality ruin my mind!

Hot 'lanta has heart, and maybe, overall, speed. But that’s Brady and the boys, never to be underestimated. Coin-flip, barring injuries, likely only 1-3 points difference very late, maybe into OT, with the barest edge to the Pats.

At this point, that is. Everything seems quite fluid.


As a Steeler backer, sad to say, the minute Bell went down, they had no clue what to do. Obviously they’d run him to death starting with the last few regular season games. The defense was outmatched as I figured they would be against such a high-powered offense, but leaving Chris Hogan open so much is inexcusable, former lacrosse player or not. Roth is going to need a wheelchair after he retires…toughest meathead in the game. If he steps down, I won’t be surprised. Great season, considering the 4 game skid.


The biggest drawback I have to really enjoying football is the injuries. Hard to see, knowing all to well what that short word “rehab” means.

Not hearing much pro-Pat chat. Mostly, I’m hearing folks want Atlanta to teach them a lesson, about a seven-point lesson.

I have no clue!
I’ll bet on the brown puppy!


I have NFC pride, and I typically like to root for the team that doesn’t have a super bowl.


If Gronk is healthy I don’t see how Atlanta stops Brady.

I do see New England coaching figuring out how to stop Atl. A couple of stops might make all the difference.