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The NFL Thread!!!!!


San Diego will have to console itself with its year round 80 degree sunny weather with beaches and a light ocean breeze.


… and the best comicon


And the Padres.

So, yeah, just the zoo…


Fast fingers today, huh? Was just about to say that.

Y’think San Diego will be the new home of the Freemasons, building that big ol’ wall? That Mexico will pay for? :laughing:

Here’s Colorado. Elway introduces new Broncos coach, all the news and TV gets pre-empted. Five stations. Meanwhile, Hickenlooper is giving the State of the State address, and gets a total of four seconds coverage!

No, the news is not at all manipulated!


Aren’t they the same thing?


Sounds like the priorities are in proper order to me…


How long have you lived in Colorado? And you still haven’t grasped that Elway is the most important person in the state? Even Obama or Trump would get pre empted for Elway


I was well aware of it. Actually, I complained a bit early. As marijuana was part of the SotS address, it will be covered later today when the stoners wake up.




Amused that Dion Lewis is quiet all year but busting out with 2 big TDs in 1st playoff gane


Well, the Texans lived up to all my expectations.


Very interesting to see if this goes through. With an NHL franchise going to LV, this might have a better chance of succeeding.


As a Raiders fan, it sucks. But Oakland was really wishy-washy on the Raiders (and A’s) stadium situation (which is terrible) so it’s not surprising. It was also pretty clear that Davis stopped having any interest in working with Oakland a while back. Oh well, maybe they can make a good run next season and give the Bay Area one last hoorah before running away.

I will say that I think The Raiders have a better chance of finding success in Vegas than the NHL has. And I say that as a big hockey fan too.


I wonder if they will rename the team at some point, like the Las Vegas Gamblers or something like that?


I think they should be named the Turncoats. They have now fucked Los Angeles twice, San Francisco, Oakland and now Vegas; leaving behind huge property tax increases and gang members in team merch. I hate the Raiders.


It’s okay. I hate the Broncos. But I still think you’re cool, Miqque.


Oh, there are days I do too!


Oh, I’m afraid the Green Bay Packers will be quite operational when your friends arrive.

:laughing: - Now a cuddle in the huddle fer trubble!




Tired now!