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The NFL Thread!!!!!


There’s probably a better chance of him retiring if he wins it.


Go Pack Go


Matt Moore’s Wikipedia page was changed almost immediately after the hit.

It wasn’t all that long ago that Dupree wouldn’t have been penalised for that hit. Practically everything I was taught about contacting the qb during or just after the throw was present. Although there was helmet to helmet contact it appeared incidental as opposed to targeting.



Despite all the reasons for optimism for a Packers win, I’m still very scared of Dallas.


Aaron Rodger’s Hail Mary with German announcers:


@Christian - for the man who does not watch American football!



Sounds pretty normal to me!



NSFW, with kindly thoughts to @Jake.


I’m not in the Navy.


Have you been on a boat, Sarge?


Twice. Both Civilian Jake and Master Sergeant Boyer have gotten to spend a day aboard the Eisenhower. while it was docked.


In light of that recent promotion giving you more weight to carry on your sleeves, you just forgot us non-military types often cite a branch as the whole tree! :laughing:


Well then…


The Chargers have a new logo


Being a Steelers fan, I enjoyed the win, but my hat goes tipped to Moore, who indeed showed big balls and some competency in that game. Without the strips and INT, it would’ve been a lot hairier of a game.


Lame. Don’t dig the move or the logo, but I don’t live in that market, soooooo… have at it, L.A. !


I feel poorly for San Deigo residents. Without the football team all they have is the zoo.

Glad to see LA will have 2 shitty football teams to underperform over the next few years. That’ll go nicely with their baseball teams. And the Lakers and Clippers.