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The NFL Thread!!!!!


So far, so good today (if the Seahawks hold, which they should). Tomorrow hoping for Steelers and Packers.

I guess the cheeseheads are as close as a horse to bet on this race. Chiefs look good, overall. Probably end up Pats/Chiefs - frackin’ typical to a season still labeled 2016!


Collinsworth to Al Michaels: “Why do you hate everybody?



Seattle beat the Lions 26-6


Fixed that for you, Miqque.


I knew this would happen sooner or later.

Those are my Packers.

The Packers stayed while the Rams and Raiders took my money.

It’s Aaron.

It’s on.


BTW, please continue to use your sorcery on the Texans. It worked pretty well yesterday.


Any Dolphins fans here? No?



Watching the Dolphins today, I wonder how they ever made it to the playoffs.


Did you see the fellow hippety-hoppity over the line during kick? I found that rather amusing.


For reference, see Houston Texans.


[quote=“Miqque, post:370, topic:1447, full:true”]
Did you see the fellow hippety-hoppity over the line during kick? I found that rather amusing.
[/quote]That’s what prompted my post.


Yeah, there might only be 4 teams in the playoffs that really seem like playoff caliber teams this year. But maybe that’s how it always is and I just don’t remember the bad teams year to year.


The AFC only has 2 good teams (Steelers & Patriots). I don’t rate the Chiefs that highly - their offense is weak and their defense choppy.

The NFC has 4 good teams - Cowboys, Falcons, Packets & Giants. Seattle just don’t look like a complete team.

Overall the standard of play in the NFL feels like it’s dropping. It doesn’t feel like there’s that many great players, and hardly any new great players. I think a NFL collapse is coming. Even Fantasy is no longer fun to play.


I’m never really sold on the Giants or the Falcons. Mostly because Eli is one of the most inconsistent QBs I’ve ever seen. When he’s in the zone, he elevates that team, but half the time he’s mediocre at best. So it depends on which Eli shows up, inconsistent Eli or Eli the Brady killer.

The Falcons always under perform in the post season. So it’s hard for me to get behind them as legit contenders. Still, I’d rather any of the remaining NFC teams win the Super Bowl than any of the remaining AFC teams.


All Hell is gonna break loose when the Steelers go to Kansas City. Steelers hurt 'em last time, and both teams have made changes. I might use the word “acrimony”.

Falcons seem to gel, surprising some. Cowboys, bless 'em, got their game out of Osweiler. Giants have odd luck, good and bad. Packers are peaking, let’s see if they can maintain that peak. The Patriots are the Big Boss of the year.


Steelers should handle the Chiefs easily. Having Andy on the sideline won’t help the Chiefs either.

I’m hoping the Pats cruise to the Superbowl, and I kinda hope the Giants get there too. That’s be a great match. Brady gets vengeance on all his old enemies in one go.


The quality of the NFL has been dipping for a decade but went off a cliff this year. People think they want safety and parity but the sport isn’t all that great when you reduce the violence and the elite teams. Ratings have dropped for a reason.



Aaron Rodgers just threw yet another playoff Hail Mary. I know some people here have an unshakeable (possible unhealthly) fascination with other QBs, but this shit is amazing and Mr Rodgers is unbeliveably good when it comes to throwing the ball.


I’m hoping for a Packers Super Bowl win. Aaron Rodgers has been my favorite QB for a long while now. Was even a big fan of his back in his Cal days. The world does not need a 5th Brady Super Bowl. Brady doesn’t even need it. He should just retire and live it up with his beautiful family. Hell, he can play lots of golf with the new president if he wants.