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The NFL Thread!!!!!


New season, new thread…

I hope to see an improvement this season from the Jets and Giants, and then in a few years time talk about Super Bowl contention.

I won’t make any predictions as I will leave to you experts out there.

Anyway… Football is back!


I really hate Jay Cutler.


The Texans have a big quarterback problem, as in they need a good one.


I’m trying to quit the NFL this year. I’ve had enough. We’ll see how it goes. I did watch Thursdays game.



Just hoping for better than last years performance of 4-12.


Are you kidding? I can’t wait to see Brady hate stomp on every single team this season on his way to winning another Superbowl and spitting in Goodell’s eye when he picks up the Lombardi trophy.


J-E-S-T jest jest jest :stuck_out_tongue: although it was a nice touch when ESPN talked about Fireman ED. that game last night was really confusing. Giants have 2 returns for TDs(almost) but still manage to lose the game (these smilies suck- where is the wondering or confusing emotes)


hey Jim, I think you have some white stuff on your lip.


That’s probably just baby powder.


The only game I plan on watching is the Super Bowl so I can see the Patriots get handed the trophy from Assclown Goodell.


Yesterday was RED Thursday in KC. it ended up more like this



For that to be accurate she’d be holding the knife to herself.


forgive me for inaccuracy, Jim. I just picked the first image of the red wedding I found. you are overthinking it


And then he can celebrate with Donald Trump on the campaign trail.


I think Brady will be Trump’s VP pick.


He’s got my vote!


Study finds 96 percent of ex-NFL players examined died with CTE

Football’s CTE problem may be bigger than anyone thought.

Researchers at the Department of Affairs and Boston University tell PBS’s Frontline that they found that 96 percent of the deceased NFL players and 79 percent of all football players they studied exhibited chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a progressive degenerative disease of the brain.

Only four of the 91 deceased former NFL players didn’t test positive for the brain disease, which can only be diagnosed posthumously and is attributed to repetitive brain trauma, including concussions as well as blows to the head that don’t necessarily result in concussions.

“People think that we’re blowing this out of proportion, that this is a very rare disease and that we’re sensationalizing it,” Dr. Ann McKee, director of the facility that conducted the research, told Frontline. “My response is that where I sit, this is a very real disease. We have had no problem identifying it in hundreds of players.”

The study examined brain tissue of 165 individuals who played football in high school or college as well as at the professional and semi-pro levels. Forty percent of those who tested positive were offensive and defensive linemen, Frontline reported.

McKee says people with a vested interest in football continue to debate whether CTE is a real disease.

“People want to make this just Alzheimer’s disease or aging and not really a disease,” McKee said. “I think there’s fewer of those people, but that’s still one of our major hurdles.”


Ugh! The Giants are 0-2 now and it is two games that they really should have won.

Talking about grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory!


But the Jets look decent. For the Jets and all.


And the NFC East looks terrible now that the Cowboys have been castrated. Giants should win the division.