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The new US election thread!!!!


Lotta newbies will be checking this out so let’s start what’s going to be 500 posts by tomorrow morning.

My feeling is that GOP will keep the house, dems will take the senate and shy trumpers will have the orange man edge this. The Internet will be aflame tomorrow!!!



If the Cheeto wins I’d guess the GOP will get the senate too. And then the sun will fail to rise and we’ll live in a thousand years of darkness in a Mad Max type dystopia.


Hillary will be President and this will the highest voter turnout since… ever?


It’s not inconcievable that Trump will win, but he has a hell of a lot more points of failure than Clinton. And has some reports of exit polls in Florida narrowly favouring Clinton…


Also shy Trumpeters will be outnumbered by all those women who’ve publicly professed support for Trump to placate their husbands, but will vote for Hillary.

Never mind the under-predicted Latino vote (on account of that populace skewing young and polling still often relying on landlines, and English-speaking pollsters getting no traction with chunk of the Latino populace).


So, after all the crap-slinging of the last few months, you’re all gonna be friends tomorrow, huh? Like a bunch of Care Bears?

EDIT: No, you’re not - apparently there’s been a shooting at a California polling station! What the hell is wrong with some of your citizens that they take a gun to a polling station and use it?

EDIT 2: Sadly, looks to have happened:

EDIT 3: With the Care Bear quip, I was going for a bleak / twisted humour but right now it no longer feels right in the wake of the immediate shooting stupidity.


Hillary Clinton Has Probably Won the Election Easily, at Least According to Votecastr

Based on the voting model by Votecastr, it appears that the election may already be over, even before the first polls close this evening.

With so much early voting going on in a number of swing states, it looks like Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has built up enough of a lead to pull out a relatively easy victory over Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Market participants cited projections from data firm Votecastr, which showed Clinton in the lead in several battleground states.

“The Votecastr thing is absolutely helping the market move higher,” said Kim Forrest, senior equity research analyst at Fort Pitt Capital Group. “Investors will take whatever data they can get, although I really don’t know how accurate the data is.”


No matter who wins the presidential election, Nate Silver was right


This election has rung the bell on Nate Silver’s 15 minutes of fame.


The BBC are reporting that there’s been a shooting at a polling station in California.


In a decent world, Hillary will win the presidency and the Dems will gain control of the Senate. This, in turn, will improve Clinton’s chances of creating a Supreme Court that will protect Roe V. Wade.


Yup, it’s why I’ve heavily edited what was intended as a pointed joke post above.



More recent reports say that one of the four people shot has died.

Language isn’t really up to dealing with stuff like this.


Is it related to the election at all? I mean, aren’t polling places all over the place?


Oh darn…I was feeling pretty positive about Trump going back to the world of TV Huckstering and under paying his work force until you said that. You called Brexit right. I hope that you’re wrong about this one.


To be fair, I don’t think that there’s any evidence of political motivation yet.


Iron Sheik would probably have been a better candidate than what we got.


Polls have closed in Indiana. Projection is for Trump.


Who cares? Who takes a gun to a polling station and shoots?

I don’t care about the why, just someone shooting people at a polling station looks unbelievably fucked up.

Thanks, but with someone now dead, it definitely looks to have been the right call.