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The new 'Age of Ultron' talk-back thread! (Spoilers)


Again, that lost thread just got so big you could only see it from space so let’s continue it here, capping off the old one for the history books.



Why is it that when people have a complaint they’re automatically painted as “comicbook fans” or “fanboys” or whatever? Is it impossible for someone to like something and be able to be objective about something else?

Yes, I’ve been on ITS ass because I thought it was a bad decision… And there’s many people who are still on MoS’s years later ass for whichever things they didn’t like… What’s your point?


My General Public friends are way more down on this movie than my Comic Fan friends. None of my GP fans at all have liked it though a few of my CF friends have really enjoyed it a lot, especially the build towards that 2018 pay-off.

It’s interesting that it opened 10% down on the first movie, despite ticket price inflation. The comic book movie is here to stay because, like the novel, it doesn’t just mean one genre anymore. This also doesn’t spell the end for superheroes because this is still going to make 1.5 billion, esp with all those new Chinese screens. But I do think we’re seeing people maybe a little tired of formula and Marvel smart enough to know this, shifting gears with Guardians, Ant-Man, Dr Strange, etc. I’m much more interested in Ant-Man, for example, as I’ve never seen that before.



If you’re going to take everything I say the worst possible way then this is going nowhere.

I’ll see you in another thread.


I think ‘Ant-Man’ could be wonderful, I don’t think it’ll be a huge hit unless it delivers the fun that we got from ‘Guardians’, in it’s own ant-like way.

The tongue in cheek tone of the trailers gives me a lot of hope. They know this is sillier than usual and they’re using it.


In the Glasgow screening I went to on the Friday it opened the Ant-man trailer got more gasps and laughs than the entire Avengers movie, which makes me think they have a hit here. Everything I’ve seen on this movie looks really great. I’m weirdly really excited about it.



Yes and I think that’s the perspective needed. It’s running at 90% after a quarter of a million GP viewer ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. It certainly seems to me a very few people liked it more, a few hated it and most are sat in the camp of it was very enjoyable but not quite as good as the first one.


I read somewhere that the opening might’ve been affected by the boxing fight everyone’s been raving about… and yes, it seems that could’ve caused a pretty big dent, since I read somewhere it was THE boxing match (don’t follow sports, so I couldn’t tell you more).

I don’t really have any real life comicbook fans friends, but yes, at least from what I could tell everyone was very excited about the build up for both Civil War and Infinity War more than the movie itself, which is kinda weird, but apparently people have caught on to the fact that it’s all one huge mega epic story told across many many movies and that the end-game is approaching.

Even if AoU does badly, it won’t really matter that much in the long run, but they definetly have to get IW 1&2 right… they’re waaay too important at this point for them to drop the ball in any aspect.


The Friday opening was up on A1 and the Saturday down, which means the boxing has been pointed to as a factor, or it could be it was just more front-loaded with the bigger Marvel fans that can’t wait. We’ll have to wait and see on that one.

AoU will not do badly, it has made $626m in one week in most places and 3 days in NA, it hasn’t opened in China yet who will add another $200m minimum. I think at worst it’ll do Iron Man 3 numbers of around $1.3bn. It’s still the second biggest opening weekend ever, more than Furious 7 which has just sailed past $1.4bn. It can only really do ‘badly’ in the context of being lower than the first which made a fortune.


I like everything about it, but we know they had problems. I’m rooting for the movie to overcome the way it was made.

People getting bored with the more traditional superhero film is still a way off (probably) but the genre has a lot more to offer, given the chance.


Saw it for a second time this weekend. Vision lifting the hammer got a gasp rather than a giggle this time around!


It’s gonna do a lot for sure… I just think it’s not gonna get as many re-watches as the 1st… but that’s gonna be impossible to measure, and with the growing Asian markets, even less so…

It’s gonna also be interesting to see if China also does as much, less or more than F&F… It might be a matter of China going in droves for the “first” blockbuster of the year, and not the others (kinda like Transformers 4). We’ll see…

At my screening people all went “oh oh” when hulk spits out the tooth and looks at Iron Man… that was pretty funny xD (and probably one of the best shots in the movie).


The other counter question is whether the US market is just contracting anyway, the box office take has been reducing over the last few years, again it’s next to impossible to say whether that’s the audience or the films.


Probably a bit of both, and I’d add the theaters as the third factor.

Although if you’re comparing the last 3 years to the 3 before it, I’d add that 3D has gone very much out of fashion here so those surcharges aren’t raking it in like they used to. Five years ago it was really hard to get into a 2D screening and now they barely book any 3D ones, comparatively speaking.


A bit of behind the scenes video at this link, on the Hulk;

It includes the info that he was going to become Grey Hulk at one point!


I am willing to buy into the boxing impact. The boxing match made reputedly $400 million in pay per view dollars. It isn’t a direct translation to ticket sales, but my Facebook feed was full of people who held boxing parties where the participants ponied up bucks to attend. From that POV, it is definitely “movie price” level competition.


Oh, saw it and I enjoyed it. I really like The Scarlet Witch. I left the theater telling my friends we finally got an effective Jean Grey on the big screen. I definitely approve of the simplification of her abilities.


Yes that’s a good point and I think that’s filtering through in other countries too. I don’t know anyone much who cares or talks about it now (with an occasional exception like Gravity). To the extent I was surprised that Jonathan was asking about which to see, I never even considered seeing the 3D version.


3D was my only option here…I don’t think it added anything whatsoever.


I saw both because that’s how the booking times worked out for me. Ideally I would’ve watched 2D both times.