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the name of my comic is Pandora's box...

hi guys
my name is masterlee, i am starting a comic book but i need help with the drawing side of things…
i have started the story and i also have some of the main and secondery charecters figuerd out, my only problem is the i dont really know how to draw to save my life!
the title still needs work.
if you are the type of person that like comic books that involves people with powers then i am the right person to bounci ideas with.:grin:
if anyone is interested just message me.

this is my first time using a forum so i dont really know how it works…

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I’m also creating my own comic. I could definetely help you with writing and art! Do you have a email or skype to talk on?

hey my email is

what is your comic about?

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80,000,000 people have been born since 2000. The story is set in 2019.

1200 young children and teens born since them have developed powers. They are called Enhanceds. In 2002, the UN forms the Security and Habile Agency of Defense Operations Worldwide, and leads ex-soldier Osborne in charge of it. S.H.A.D.O.W. is purposed with registering with Enhanceds and combatting Enhanced threats.
Note that Osborne had later proposed a program called M.I.S.T., where young Enhanceds would be taken in and trained to be agents of S.H.A.D.O.W., to combat Enhanced threats. This gets declined.
The first Enhanced threat surfaces in 2019, when Osborne sends his best agent (Ghost, who is an Enhanced, but was already trained before she joined S.H.A.D.O.W.) to San Antonio, to recover and escort a boy called Nova Kendricks, recently registered as the world’s first telepath. Osborne sends such an escort due to the fact that he fears an ex-war hero, and Enhanced, named Mister Lapse, will try and recover Nova, something which Lapse has done before with other Enhanceds. Osborne fears Mister Lapse’s use of Nova’s telepathic abilities.

Osborne may have to form M.I.S.T. after all…

What’s your story? Also, could I see some of your art? Here’s mine:

I used to do David Marquez style art. He does this stuff:

this is the back story of the charecter that i bases loosely on me…

Back Story: Adam and his father work together for a building complaining. Adam is very frustrated as he knows that he can do better with his life then just laying bricks, he feels the potential within him but he doesn’t know what to do. After a long day at work Adam was invited by his father and the rest of his co-workers to go out for a drink as it is something that they do every Friday night after work. He decided not go as he had other things on his mind, on the way home he encountered an old homeless man that, mumbled the following words: the one man that can change the world can be the one to destroy it…, Adam was intrigued by the man, so he asked him to explain himself, the man reply: press the button on this box and you will get the power that you desire, to lead and protect or to rule and destroy… Adam didn’t think much of what the man said so he pressed the mysterious box. 2 weeks have pasted ever since his encounter with the homeless man and nothing has change. One day on his way to work Adam saved a little girl that was going to be hit by a car, there and them Adam felt at his best, as saving people is what he needs to do. Later on in the same day, the same girl was in the news as her and her family had died in a house fire that took the fire men all night to put it out. Adam was angered that, that had happen, so his skin started to change, to get hot and hot to the put that his house started to catch on fire, his mother, father and brother ran outside as the house exploded with Adam inside it. Adam’s father did not believe on what he was seeing, as Adam walks out of the ashes glowing red hot like lava, Adam’s father started attacking Adam with a piece of metal but it melts away and he burns his hands, not able to fight no more Adam’s father shouts for Adam to leave them alone as he was a demon. Adam not knowing what to do and scared that he could hurt his family more runs away. 4 years have passed, Adam is now 22, and he finds himself in Thailand. To a small village off the side of the Ampuen lake in the Surin province. He learns this from a Hindu shaman, Arthit, in the village

who teaches him both how to control his emotions in order to control his powers as hi teaches him Muay Thai fighting style. Arthit first meets Adam in the forest, as Adam tries to train himself but in his frustration his powers activate causing the forest to catch fire. He causes a small forest fire which he can’t escape from. Arthit has been watching Adam from afar as he sensed the change in energy from a distance. When the fire breaks out Arthit saves Adam from the burning blaze and lets him recuperate. The training starts very slowly as he teaches him to channel the power through his limbs at first. Arthit is a very stoic man speaking only when necessary and even then his answers seemed to work as a double edged sword but at the same time much humour could be extracted from his words. Over the four years there are many arguments over the training cause of their conflicting personalities as well as Arthit tendency to use Adam as a stove and personal Jacuzzi rather than a student. But by the end of Adam training there have grown a fatherly bond as many of Arthits’ traits can be seen in Adam father. The end of Adam training comes as a shock to him. By the time he has finished his training Arthit tells him he is ready. At first, Adam denies this saying there is still so much he doesn’t know but Arthit tells him that his powers are not set in stone, that he is powerful as well as creative, he should not limit himself to what he is taught. Arthit reminds him of all the past events during his training (i.e. the Russian crisis, the rising power of ISIS. He tells him that the world is in turmoil and it needs help. Only he can be their help.

Upon returning back home, he will face evil that he never had never had felt or seen ever before…

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dude you story looks really good, and your drawing is sick

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  • You need to explain the origins of the homeless man and his power inducing box. Where did he come from? Why did he choose Adam?

  • Who are the enemies? What do they want?

  • What is Adam’s motivation for being a hero? Make him question whether to use his powers for good or selfish reasons.

  • What powers do Adam exactly get? How does his evil self work?

  • What is Arthit’s origin and motivation behind training Adam?

  • How does the public view Adam as a superhuman?

  • What are the themes? E.g. security vs freedom, or ambition, discovery, e.t.c. Then, try to incorporae this within the story.


  • The second drawing is quite sound. The silhouette of the body looks pretty sound too. The first image looks anatomically incorrect.

  • What comic artist do you aspire to be like, in terms of style? David Marquez? Jim Lee? Steve McNiven? Those are just examples. What type of style do you want to develop? Sketchy or clean? Detailed or cartoonish?

  • Have you got any art program on your computer (Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai, e.t.c.), and a digital drawing/graphics tablet. These allow you to draw your comics directly onto the computer, allowing for cleaner artwork. This also allows you to finish, colour, and letter your comic.

the box is an alian experiment, as its from a very far way planet called RT4 . the race from that planet is a peaceful race of beings call the the giver/creaters( dont know what name i shoulc give them), they travel the universe looking for life and studying them. they created a box call(pandoras)-pandorar is the name for now :grin: that can grant the person that presses the button the power of there chosing, but theres a catch if you do press the button you will be also creating your own mortal eneme with the power to stop you.

the box the be given to you or it can show it self to a person that has a real new for power both in a good way and bad. both creating good guy and bad guys.

the homeless man is a nobody that became some what of a god out of 4. Wanting for a majer world threat to happen so that he can make his move(i dont even know yet if i should inclode a god or more). why he has the box is because he needed power. his an imortal man that has lived for sentories. he is a bad man that was ones a force for good, but as the time passes he grow more and more resentment towardes all mankind, making a villain.

primery villanes
the 4 hourseman of the apocalypes constituted by WAR,CONQUEST, FAMINE and DEATH, they are world leaders that work behind most world threatening events, and they the most powerful being that had contact with the box. one whom is part of the 4 hourseman is the homeless man.

secondery villanes/secret goverment group/antiheros
The 7 deadly sins( i have some ideas for what i want to do withn them but i am not sure yet…

Character relations and backstory: Adam Vouz / Ignis

Height: 5, 7

Weight: 76

Age: 22

Personality/description: his is a very serious guy that with crack the occasional joke. Not very good with people, prefers to work alone. His a black man born in Portugal. Also have a very athletic body, his smart but not intelligent given the opportunity to improve he’ll take it to better himself. Very conning and selfless, to the point of causing self-harm to help anyone in need.

Powers: able to increase his body temperature, not just making him hot but (any body part at will) capable to melt/cut through metal and eventually stone and rock. Duo the amount of heat expel from his body Adam Vous/ Ignis also increases in strength, able to lift or throw objects much bigger then him.(Only in the future, he will be able to control lightning for very short amounts of time).

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this is my other main charecter

Comic Book

Character creation – Bio


Age – 25

Height- 6”10

Weight - 180ibs

Abilities –

Can channel energy through different objects by using rhythm and melody, in effect he can use music to create electrical energy and then channel it through whatever instrument. Different instruments give off different energy signatures meaning that the effect of playing the drums will be different from playing the guitar this is due to the pitch of the note, higher notes manifest themselves as electrical energy discharge (lightning) and lower notes manifest themselves as shockwaves of energy (knock back energy)

Regardless of pitch, melodies that are emotional will increase power levels, the more intense or emotional the song is the more power can be channelled through the guitar.

Different genres are also factors of change in the way energy is expelled the following table illustrates the difference


High notes – Electrical energy discharge

Low Notes – Shock-waves

Punk/ Hard-core

High notes – fire

Low notes – shock-waves

Classical/ soundtrack

High notes – ice

Low notes - shockwaves

Weaponry –

Electric guitar





Torso light armour


Encore only possess a limited amount of stamina, and has to recover from time to time.

Instrument damage – whatever instrument encore is using will eventually have to swapped out as excessive usage will eventually destroy it, with the exception of one specific electric guitar, the Obsidian Axe, and item encore does not start off with but acquires later.

If encore is de-motivated or does not play well enough the energy levels will start to drop, dealing less damage.

Although the energy discharged by playing high notes in metal can regenerate encore, he is still mortal and can be killed in the same way as any normal person, therefore he is useless in space and underwater.


Encore real name Carson Rhodes was born in Houston Texas but grew up all over the world on account of his parents who were world famous musicians constantly touring Europe and America. Carson’s father, Howard was an exceptionally talented classical composer and his mother, Jessica was the lead guitarist of an international heavy metal band. Their musical influence on Carson was apparent in that he favoured the genres of rock, metal and punk as well as the genres of classical and orchestral soundtrack, when possible he would mix multiple genres into neo classical metal or symphonic metal. Carson like his mother was an exceptionally gifted musician, with a definite preference for the electric guitar, starting out from an early age trying to play along to the rock songs on the radio. Despite his father’s musical leaning Carson did not actually learn musical theory, preferring instead to learn tablature for guitar and just play what felt right when it came to everything else.

Carson’s unique power came into being when as a 16 year old kid Carson’s decided to take a trip to the legendary crossroads , referenced by musicians such as Robert Johnson and Clapton, the crossroads a mysterious legend about a specific crossroads in America where a young guitarist battled the devil for his soul, Carson like many aspiring guitarists that the song was more than just folklore and superstition, and also like many aspiring musicians went on a pilgrimage one day to those specific crossroads, it was midnight, Carson was standing at the crossroads shredding licks on his guitar when all of a sudden a storm began to brew, Carson paid no head nor notice but played on, until the rain began to hammer on the floor and the thunder began to sound far away, taking this as his cue to leave he began to leave, it was as he turned to leave that a lightning bolt sliced through the sky striking Carson in the heart, Carson should have been dead where he stood however the energy did not strike him directly in the chest , instead it hit his guitar first and then passed through it into his

chest, which took the edge off the initial blast. Carson has no memory from the time the rain started to a week later when he woke up in the county hospital. On journeying back to the crossroads he discovered burn marks on the ground at the place where he figured he had been standing, unlike most burn marks these took the form of a pentagram, the only witness said he had seen what he believed to be the devil surrounded in a storm of lightning, his testimony was largely ignored however due to his bar tab and the distance from which he had been observing. Carson to this day never speaks of this event and largely tries to keep his advanced abilities a secret. It had been immediately afterwards that he had discovered he had the ability to channel energy through the power of song, a gift that could be used for great destruction or great acts of valour, his is for him personally a great curse - to excel in an art form so completely and never be able to play in front of anyone for fear of how they might react at what they saw

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