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Laura was actually at that Pumpkins concert


Keep in mind, Sharon Osbourne has been married to Ozzy since the 70s and on one occasion he tried to kill her.

My favorite Billy Corgan story is that Collective Soul recorded a hit song about their experiences with him.


I was asked to go to the Belfast one but ended up not being able to get tickets. MCD ran that I think. I have no idea how they’ve managed to stay in business with the amount of shoddy events I’ve went to that they promoted.


I honestly still really like early Smashing Pumpkins. Siamese Dreams is one of my favorite albums of all time.

I saw them live during the Adore time frame in Chicago. It was meant to be a free show in the park but Mayor Daley shut it down. So they did it as a benefit concert with all ticket sales going to the Make a Wish Foundation. Cheap Trick opened for them. They had to really rework a lot of the songs in interesting ways because that album was mostly electronic. Near the end of the show some kids from Make a Wish came out and sang Today to the band. It was a really great show.


I love their stuff. 1979 is in my top 5 all time songs. Prob top 3. Felt exactly what it felt like to be a teenager, even in Northern Ireland. It brings that whole time in my life flooding back every time.

Edit: Felt like that to me at least.


A friend of mine had a similar experience. He said they were a good studio band but sucked live.


I love 1979. I love the follow up song from Adore too that’s about the same group grown up.

Have you ever heard the story behind the video to 1979?


That’s because, as hard as he tries, Billy just can’t play every instrument on stage at the same time.


They rely pretty heavily on multiple guitar tracks in the studio to get their really fat dissonant sound. One of the songs off Mellon Collie has something like 90 guitar tracks. Also, Billy Corgan recorded most of the studio stuff except for the drums himself. So their sound is a bit impossible live.


Was it stories from Corgans teenage years or something? I feel I’ve read something but can’t recall.


It was about the ice cream truck guy that just said fuck it, gave them all the ice cream and walked off the job.


Haha cool. In a strange twist of fate this is what I’m eating while texting right now…

It’s my sister’s birthday but I’m using Millarworld to get out of conversations I don’t want to be in. The current one is about Jeremy Corbyn. I will definitely stay out of it.


Was that not Today, rather than 1979?


Yes. Shit.


Corgan has also now worked with 2 of my 3 favorite producers.


You’ve made Billy sad, Ronnie


Ditto, Smashing Pumpkins are one of my favourite bands and 1979 is at the top of the list.
I find a lot of their music very powerful emotionally and it all takes me back to period in life where I was a lot happier due to the simplicity of it all.


There’s some bands that can’t replicate the sound live and that’s to be expected for a few reasons.

Iain Brown compensates by having some really talented musicians on the stage with him.
Trent Renzor compensates by putting on a very good live show but it still lacks the depth the production on the NIN stuff brings.

I’ve never seen Pumkins live, I’d like to but I don’t really have the time for concerts any more, although I’ll go to the odd comedy gig and theatre/musicals.


I saw the Pumpkins at Glastonbury 1997. It was the one of the first really shit muddy years and everyone need some rocking out to break the shit mood on site.
The Pumpkins played 45 minutes of B sides and dragged 1979 out for 15 minutes till everyone got bored of it.


See that’s the thing. The Pumpkins are really more of a jam band that have been shoehorned into stadium rock. Expectations have a lot to do with it.