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Don’t make me post the David Byrne cartoon again.




Yes, that one.


That one, what?


Do they have very few employees with the CEO blowing out the average, or…?


Google came up with this straight away:

Job Title Spotify Salary
Senior Software Engineer $152,713
Developer $108,206
Analyst $114,092
Data Engineer $123,312

Looks like they pay well.


Huh. I’m not familiar enough with “techie” roles to know if those are higher than typical for those positions - my gut says they’re typical, and it’s just a techie-heavy business. Minimal grunt-work.


They look on the very generous side to me, I’ve worked in that area and the staff in Ireland were more around the 40-70k Euro mark for those kind of roles but I don’t know the market rates in Sweden at all or if Spotify have most of their staff there.

@Lorcan_Nagle would know a bit better than me on current European rates as I was mostly dealing with Asian countries.


Also consider how much they must be paying to their legal teams to come up with all these screw-the-artists contracts :wink:


I love this that appeared on my Youtube suggestions earlier. A regional BBC show that has probably the worst presentation I have ever seen (BBC local shows generally had a budget of around 50 quid in 1979), then they have The Jam and Joy Division performing incredible seminal songs.


Shadow may not be as good as he was but the latest album has some great stuff on it.
This is a master class.


Those salaries wouldn’t be incredibly high in a major US city (NYC, LA, Chicago, etc) for those positions. Once again, I’m not sure how that stacks up to Stockholm.

Also, none of those salaries add up to $14,000/month.


No they don’t but the question was whether the CEO or board were taking a massive share of the average. $152k divided by twelve is not far off 14k at 12.6k, the bosses are always going to paid a lot more and I doubt anyone outside of a committed Communist would argue with that. It’s just the ratio.


Ah, it was the way the article said it.

So it’s likely the average Spotify salary and not the average Spotify employee. Those are different things.


In journalism rather than maths/accountancy though the term can be pretty malleable. Either way the quick Google shows 14k is not unreasonable however you measure it, they will have non board staff above software engineer and also every office needs cleaners a lot below that.

It is a high number either way, which was the point of measuring it against decreasing royalties, again a search shows that only around 7% of Americans earn more than $100k. The average wage in Sweden is 32,000 Euro.


No wonder people hate journalists with their lack of precision in what should be their forte, language. :wink:




Totally joking. Though I do expect more from journalists working in a technical field. :wink:


I agree. I expect accuracy of any journalist, to be honest. If you’re being paid to write words then you should know how to use them.


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