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The Music Thread


I love film scores. Some of my favorites are Apocalypse Now, Kurosawa’s Ran, lots of stuff by Morricone, Philip Glass…


I find film scores slightly annoying. Not the while I’m watching the film, I mean, but as albums. I have a friend who has a load of them on CD (from film and television) and whenever he plays one I feel there’s to much stop-and-start, crescendos that feel like they’re at the wrong place, things like that. I’d much rather listen to some orchestral music that was constructed to be listened to as a stand-alone piece.


Maybe you should listen to the Man of Steel score. :wink:


You mean this?


I was going to make a “music to snap necks by” joke but the score for the film really is amazing.



And you also see sort of hybrid soundtrack albums that are compilations of songs “inspired by” a film that don’t actually appear in the film.

There was one, “Songs in the Key of X,” released for The X-Files that featured mostly original music, with only one or two actually appearing in the series itself.

And an album of songs “Inspired by” The Passion of the Christ that had tunes by Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, and Bob Dylan.


One of my favorite “inspired by” soundtrack albums is the one for the first Hunger Games film (Songs From District 12 and Beyond). Produced by T-Bone Burnett with original songs from some of my favorite performers (Arcade Fire, Decemberists, Civil Wars, Secret Sisters, Punch Brothers, etc).



Well, then. I feel thoroughly humbled and humiliated; rather like a caveman banging rocks and then hearing a choir. I know just enough to be completely abashed.


Amazing! I’ve never seen that instrument.


That’s what she said.


In terms of unusual musical instruments I like the guembri in gnaoua music, from Morocco:


I listen to a lot of that kind of folk music stuff lately. Gnaoua is awesome, also Pakistani qawali music. And Romanian folk, Croatian folk…that’s some good stuff. I also like American bluegrass.


That thing could use some fresh strings. I appreciate instruments, but some do sound better when upgraded. Did you know Willie Nelson has like 27 of that POS rubber-bands-on-a-cigar-box “guitar” he uses, and has master luthiers fix the damned things? I guess I just like an instrument to sound as good as possible. (And not a fan of “plunky” sounds, I guess.)


I’m about 80% sure I’ve been in the bazaar they used stock photos of.


How bazaar, how bazaar


Everytime I look around, it’s in my face!




I’m convinced that song is about a penis.