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The Music Thread


It’s undeniable though that there are more people than ever not only making music nowadays but making their music available to anyone who’s interested.

I don’t have broad tastes so I’m just as disinterested as you in these festival line ups, but if people are enjoying themselves I can’t begrudge them a good time.

Of all the big awards the Grammys have long been the worst in my opinion at picking the right winners.


There is a big Motown 60th anniversary broadcast in April and from the lineup it looks like they were saving the big guns for that.


Twerking is hilarious.


I love after all these years that Miqque would ask that question. If you had to nominate who on the board is almost certainly not following NFL pricing it’d be Meadows :smile:


I don’t listen to a lot of contemporary pop music. Except Die Antwoord occasionally who are fun.

Most of what I listen to today is folk music, and experimental stuff like Biosphere. I had a while when I listened to a lot of Pakistani qawwali music. I also like listening to film music.


This is guitar porn of the very deepest quality. This is a warehouse full of rare guitars!




This is a pretty interesting little story about Radiohead’s ultimate falling-out with EMI.


As it’s well known that it’s jocks who get the most sex, I’m going to interpret this as “Krautrock is just prog for people with less intelligence”.



All lists of this nature are subjective, but this is a good one.


That list is bullshit.

Star Wars: A New Hope and Saturday Night Fever should be tied for the Number One spot and neither appear on the list. With those two omitted, that list has no credibility and I can’t take it seriously.


I believe there was a separate list for scores. No idea if Star Wars is on it though.

No Saturday Night Fever seems like quite the oversight…


So hold on, what’s the distinction between a soundtrack and a score? Does a soundtrack have to have lyrics or something?




Huh, there are actual official definitions? I didn’t expect that :smiley:

So as long as the Star Wars score is released as an album (and it was, obviously) it can top both the score and the soundtrack lists :slight_smile:


Generally, if there’s only one album of music from a movie, it’ll be referred to as the soundtrack. The album of music from A New Hope has always been titled Star Wars - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, up to and including the most recent reissue, which was May of last year.

But if a movie gets two or more albums of music, it generally gets separated into the orchestral score, which will be titled as such, and one of songs played in the movie, which might be original, or might be existing songs featured in the film. And in some cases where they really want to sell two records, the soundtrack will have songs not featured in the movie, but are similar in style, genre and/or tone to ones in it.

So, for example The Crow had two soundtrack albums. One was titled as the original score, and is just orchestral music composed by Graeme Revell. The other, titled Original movie Soundtrack is a compilation of punk, metal, goth and industrial songs, all of which appeared in the movie. Some of these, such as Big Empty by Stone Temple Pilots were also on albums the bands had put out themselves; while others such as Burn by The Cure and Nine Inch Nails’ cover of Dead Souls were recorded specifically for the album, and didn’t appear on any other album.

by comparison, The Matrix also has two soundtrack albums. Again, one is an original score with music by Don Davis, the other is a compilation of 13 rock, metal, dance and industrial songs. But only 8 of them are in the movie, with the other 5 just being similar in tone, or by bands popular with people who liked songs in the soundtrack (there’s Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie songs in the movie, so the soundtrack pads out the run length with Rammstein and Ministry)


To complicate it further, I used to have an album of John William’s Star Wars “suite”, which was the music arranged for concert hall performance and wasn’t the same as the “soundtrack” (all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order :wink: )


It’s easy… remember Batman:

Score: Danny Elfman

Sountrack: Prince

easy peasy =P