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You follow NFL pricing? Broncos have had a couple of losing seasons, so they raised their prices. Why? Because they can. People are not staying away. This is also one reason music is surviving, people want to go out and have a good time with music. Like eating fast food, they are consuming music that is not very nutritious.


I know precisely who Cardi B. is, and disapprove. I also seriously disapprove of twerking and the strip club culture invading polite society. I’m quite conservative that way. I don’t need to see anyone shaking a large (usually artificially implanted) ass. Ever. It puts me right off my feed.


Not even close.
And this attitude makes me pretty cross. There is amazing music out there, stunning bands making brilliant stuff and no one ever hears they unless you work pretty hard at it.
The problem is ironically something we’d been crying out for for years, and now that it’s happened, it’s a problem.
The gatekeepers are gone.
The music mags are finished, even Pitchfork has very little of the clout it used to have. All the radio stations are owned by the same few companies, giving a worldwide playlist of the blandest songs to hit the biggest market.
Bands don’t seem to be able to work their way up the way they used to and no one seems to be taking risks on the festival circuit (Apart from Primavera in Spain and maybe Glastonbury who keep pissing people off by having not white people headlining the main stage.).

So yes the music industry is dead but it’s not because bands are shit, it’s because the business has collapsed.


I do believe that is precisely what I said.

There are no decent comic book sites. There are no decent music sites. Good luck trying to find some blues, what one finds if searching is pictures of Drake wearing blue. No, people are not doing amazing things. They are writing and playing songs, just like people have always done. The vast majority right now are not doing things I am particularly interested in. That’s an opinion. The reception of the music industry in the US (and probably UK) is generally hostile, and the market shrinks. We do not notice because a core group is getting all the money. Does this sound familiar? A few get fat, the majority starve.

This ain’t right.


This is the 2019 version of complaining about Elvis shaking his hips or the Beatles needing a haircut.


Where is the popcorn :popcorn:?



The difference between Glastonbury in 1994 and 2017 is light and dark. You can’t compare the two one was a music festival that was on par with Reading where as now it’s the world’s biggest, best known festival. I was at both and I can assure you, it’s obvious where all the extra money is going.
And thank christ some of that is on the toilets :smiley:


That’s a fair point, I’m sure the extra money isn’t just buying yachts for the organisers.

But the point still stands that, for whatever reason, ticket prices are comparatively further beyond what “kids” could realistically afford, which explains why they need to tailor the bill towards older, more affluent audiences.


I see your point there. Glasto is frighteningly middle class at this point. And while I will never miss the roving gangs of Scousers, seeing hair and beauty salons there always pisses me off.


What? :open_mouth:


Hair and beauty, they’re things young people have.


No, Elvis was referential. We know most “love” songs are about sex (because most primates cannot differentiate between a physical and metaphysical concept). But it was subtle. Cardi B. and such are overt. I do not like porn. I find it hideously repetitive and boring. Sex is a participant sport. Do you want to see the grimy side of medicine? Find out just exactly how diseased human organs might smell? Want to do that when you’re going out to dinner? Similar reaction. There are limits and standards. If someone wants to go to a strip club or watch porn, more power to you. Knock yourself silly. I’ll see you when you crawl into my office for some therapy. (This happens about every six months, just got the most recent weaned off an internet addiction that cost him a house.) Sorry if you do not see those limits and standards; I apply them to myself, I do not insist others follow them. I express my opinion. Of course it is not the same, not even similar. One is pigs fucking in the public square. The other is ladies and gentlemen discussing pigs fornicating in the village square in a genteel and civilised manner.


I think your chat-up lines need work.


Well, you do have to know just the right person they might work on!

Wanna see my tumor?



Speaking of retro music festivals, my cousin got tickets to the Forever Young Concert in Kildare (Ireland) later this year. Did I mention she just turned 65?. Here is the lineup:


Level 42 • Kim Wilde • Jimmy Somerville •
Marc Almond • Bonnie Tyler • Midge Ure •
Tom Bailey (Thompson Twins) • Hothouse Flowers

Heaven 17 • T’Pau • The Christians • Big Country • From The Jam • Cry Before Dawn • The Fizz • China Crisis • Imagination/Leee John • Toyah • Hazel O’Connor • Katrina (& The Waves) • Andrew Strong • Dr and the Medics • Bagatelle


Any original members left in any of these line-up? And Midge Ure endures? Astonishing.


I’m pretty sure Kim Wilde isn’t the original Kim Wilde :expressionless:


Just thought of that. I mean besides the name performers! I saw Big Country and got sad.


I heard the Grammys had JLo doing a Motown tribute number and her being selected was bashed on Twitter. Like the producers couldn’t get others who would do real justice to the music? Remember their Prince tribute by Madonna I believe?!?

BET would do it so much better and have done better produced performances…