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The Music Thread


Why? Have a taste.


There’s only one Blues Explosion :smiley:


Upcoming. Scorsese does another concert film with Dylan? I’m there.


“Rolling Thunder Revue”
A second work from filmmaker Martin Scorsese for Netflix this year and fully titled “Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese,” this has been described as a “part documentary, part concert film, part fever dream”. The project will deal with famed musician Bob Dylan’s star-studded 1975-76 ‘Rolling Thunder Revue’ concert tour and is expected to be far less straightforward than Scorsese’s 2005 doco “No Direction Home: Bob Dylan”. It will also go into heavier themes as it explores the troubled spirit of America in 1975. The film, which features an interview with Dylan himself who rarely gives them, is due out this year on the service, but almost certainly will be in the back half.




Somehow on the road from original vinyl on release my copy disappeared, so today popped for a digital of Creedence Clearwater Revival 40th Anniversary Edition Glad I did! It’s the obscure tunes that really have a place in my heart - Walk on that Water, Porterville Before You Accuse Me. Includes a live version of Susie Q (haven’t listened to that one yet, gonna be hard to beat Kenny Aronoff on a dozen YT versions).

Another collection, another hole plugged!


And he’s playing the Wiltern! I dang near grew up in the Wiltern!


Well, this was the logical conclusion of my kids’ current obsession.

Maybe I can finally exorcise these songs from my head now.



Damn it, Chris!


What did you expect from him?



Ahh, language change, you continue to confound me :confused:

I initially parsed that as meaning he elected to discard the diss track.


Free Guitar Giveaway TODAY (Saturday 1/26) at Norman’s Rare Guitars. Open internationally! Don’t know what time, suggest YouTube alerts if interested.

This one is episode #699 - a heavily-carved guitar, made, in of all places, Bali.


There was a posting of Florence and the Machine “Moderation” on the Listening thread. So, I went to YouTube and checked out a few vids. I love Florence Welch’s voice and intensity.

The Calvin Harris remix of her song “Sweet Nothing” was OK albeit a bit overdone and overproduced but I digress.

Her vocal range is so wide that doing pop music like a Katy Perry or Ariana would be limiting to her like Adele would be limited.

Florence Welch is way up there.


And she can move really well, too!


She’s Aldi Siouxsie Sioux at best.

I’m drunk and will now go to bed.


I’ve liked this post but I refuse to say for which of the sentences.


Any Australiophiles here will be familiar with the TripleJ Hottest 100, an annual poll by the Australian publicly funded youth radio station Triple J - it’s usually a point of discussion and debate (the countdown is aired (tracks played in full) at the end of January each year).

This year a 2/3 majority of tracks were by Australian artists, which is fine, but there was an interesting article that crunched the numbers about the shift in musical taste over the past decade and half or so (and I don’t think Australian music lovers are too out of step with those in the rest of the English speaking world):

Apart from rock/punk decreasing as a genre, the average BPM has dropped, as has the positivity (using some data from Spotify) - I think the genre stuff is pretty interesting when presented like this though:



Used to love Triple J but these days I find it hard to tell the difference between it and some of the commercial English stations. There seems to be a lot of Pop and R&B on it this days which isn’t what I want to listen to. But I guess I’m not the demographic they’re going for.