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I can’t decide if Hawkwind sounds more like the name one of my buddies and I would have given a D&D character in high school or some weird euphemism for passing gas.


It can be two things.


It sounds like something that would come out of one of those name generators where you take the first letter of your first and last name and they are equivalent to two words that you join together.


It could easily have come from the Rob Liefeld one.


That’s exactly what I was thinking.


:open_mouth: :open_mouth:


And thus began… THE METAL WARS!!!


I can’t decide if you really don’t know who Hawkwind are or you’re just messing with me.



I’ve only ever heard you and Gar talk about them. I know they’re a band but that doesn’t change my feelings about their name. :wink:


At the beginning of 1975, the band recorded the album Warrior on the Edge of Time in collaboration with Michael Moorcock, loosely based on his Eternal Champion figure. However, during a North American tour in May, Lemmy was caught in possession of amphetamine crossing the border from the US into Canada. The border police mistook the powder for cocaine and he was jailed, forcing the band to cancel some shows. Fed up with his erratic behaviour, the band dismissed the bass player[18] replacing him with their long-standing friend and former Pink Fairies guitarist Paul Rudolph.[19] Lemmy then teamed up with another Pink Fairies guitarist, Larry Wallis, to form Motörhead, named after the last song he had written for Hawkwind.


The band name always brings a smile to my face because of when I was around 18 I was in the pub with my mate and this rather scruffy middle aged bloke came up to our table. He started regaling us, in a northern English accent, with the tale of when he ‘were on fooking mushrooms watching fooking Hawkwind, it were fooking mindblowing’. He went on about this Hawkwind gig for about 30 minutes. He then asked where he could get some drugs, we pointed out a dodgy bloke we knew, he came back with 2 grams of speed, snorted it all in one go in the middle of the pub with no attempt to hide it. Then he fell asleep.

How you can ingest a large amount of amphetamines and almost instantly fall asleep I have no idea. It wasn’t some kind of coma, he was happily snoring away and got up and left when the pub closed and the staff woke him up.


Maybe he was actually dead and the speed was the only thing keeping his heart going.


He fell asleep before we found out what he was even doing there. He obviously wasn’t local, he definitely wasn’t on business as he looked like shit and we never saw him again, which could have been because he was dead and the speed was the only thing keeping his heart going. :rofl:


Okay, must tell story. A bunch of us psych people decided to go fishing. So I borrowed my mom’s car, the Grey Ghost … (sort of like this)
… to fit all the folks. We decided to leave after the evening shift, so we gathered at the hospital around 11:30-ish. Eight people, fishing gear, coolers - you know the drill.

I had been talked into working a double and was a bit tired. So one fellow popped up with a biphetamine (“Black Beauty” fellow oldsters) which I ate. It took a bit over an hour to drive to Oxnard, get tickets, rent gear and stash it on board. (Fishing in the Channel Islands, off Anacapa mostly, is fun.) I went below to the bunks and fell asleep. Was woken a bit after sunrise, our first stop. Caught a fish. Put it in my bag. Went below for a nap. Got up (missing a stop where nobody caught anything) around nine. Same buddy fed me a second biphetamine in the hopes I might retain consciousness. Caught 4 or 5 fish, mostly bass, and, yep, Nap #3. Now this was beginning to scare me mates, this ability to sleep. As if I cared. Lunchtime got us to a prime spot, and I got a grouper that almost won the jackpot (if the damned thing had not swallowed a 3-pound weight!). Nap #4 on the way back. Got everyone home safely.

And then I had to go back to work. Yet another Legend of Miqque, the Man Who Sleeps!


We all know your secret, Miqque. :wink:



This is an interesting video. My hometown had a small, music club/youth center that specialized in the Christian hardcore scene. I remember big bands in the scene like The Crucified, Stavesacre and Mortal playing there. I ultimately wasn’t too into that layer of the scene but really love a lot of other bands that started on Tooth & Nail Records like MxPx.