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The Music Thread


It’s a question in the way that “When did you stop beating your wife?” is a question :wink:


Or “Do you like children?”


But I don’t like children, what’s that got to do with Speed metal? :smiley:


If you were a true speed metal fan, you’d like them grilled and served with fries.

Black metal fans would just grind them up and eat them raw.


I’m sorry, I’m too busy burning churches to hear you :joy:


Now I’m hungry for baby back ribs.


I don’t hate Phil Collins but some of his songs make me want to stab an icepick in my ears. That You’ll Be in my Heart song is some gruesome stuff.


I actually just remembered another Collins faux pas in endearing himself to the nation. That ‘you and me in Paradise’ song same out just before he went on his rants about taxes being too high and wanting to leave the country to avoid them.

I think since his Swiss savings there has been a notable increase in rough sleeping in the UK his thoughtful song failed to prevent.




That must be the case with any artist though; even one’s favourite. Surely there’s a Deep Purple song David hates, or an Orbital song Gar hates, or even a Bette Midler song @Will hates.


Correct, I hate Will’s Bette Midler song.


I have to agree with you. “The Wind Beneath My Winds” should really not be about carpet-bombing an enemy with underarm odor.


Okay, I’m assuming you prefer Megadeth. Fine, I’ll let your bad taste on the Rivers of Nihil thing silde this once… :wink:


Yes, one bad song doesn’t make you boycott an artist.

And the point about his political/tax faux pas, I’m not sure that bothers many people either. I’d completely forgotten about it until Gar brought it up here.

Taking all into account, I doubt very much that you’d find more than a handful of people who used to like Phil Collins that now “hate” him. More likely you’ll just find a massive apathy among the “easy listening” audience he spent so long courting. (Not surprising; the clue is in the description “easy listening”.)

Though that could be my personal bias in believing that disposable pop hits don’t inspire any long-term devotion to an artist, the way that “genre” music can.


No it doesn’t. To give my more serious answer.

I agree Collins fans most likely remain Collins fans all the way through. They are going to his concerts that he’s selling out globally. Most are not Genesis fans of their 70s incarnation which was very different to his solo work and their 80s stuff which was very ‘easy listening’ too.

I’m a big Peter Gabriel fan, I never liked any of the Genesis stuff I heard in the 80s and early 90s, especially that “I Can’t Dance” song which is an abomination in every way imaginable. It’s a shit song to begin with, the video is toe curlingly awful, it’s an ode to “I am middle class, middle aged and boring”.

(All along I did say that personal stuff was why the media turned on him, not fans that liked the songs, even if he is a hypocrite and dumped his wife by fax a lot have done worse, Lennon ignored his first born child and beat his wife).


For a minute I thought I was reading one of my own posts :open_mouth:


It gets worse David, I typed it while listening to ‘Silver Machine’ by Hawkwind.


You could have at least listened to the Alien Sex Fiend version instead of some shitty cover.


I almost used “I Can’t Dance” as an example of his terrible late-80s phase instead of “One More Day in Paradise” but I think the latter gets the edge. And “One More Night” is awful too, it’s basically kryptonite for my wife. “A Groovy Kind of Love” is putrid; it’s always awful when an artist consciously tries to make a wedding first-dance song. There’s no shortage if you want to pick and choose Phil Collins’ most turgid single.

He has had some great singles too. “In the Air Tonight” is one of the best singles of the 1980s, and “That’s All” is pretty great. 1981 was his peak year—both “Abacab” and “Face Value” are probably the best things he’s done.


I agree. ‘In The Air Tonight’ is a really good song.