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The Music Thread


Lorcan, do you want to take this one?


I’ll tell you, it doesn’t stay soft for long…


I used to hate Reload but with age I’ve liked it better and better. I guess I always saw it as the “leftovers” from Load, but nah, there’s mostly good stuff in there. Of course, it helps to listen to it as a hard rock band, and not as a thrash band.


Of the first three I still like Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets but they’re not perfect, some songs on them I don’t like that much. Kill em All is perfect in that I love every song on that album.

My alltime favorite Metallica song is probably Orion.


This is a lovely programme - a show in which people tell personal stories related to a specific song, in this case Joni Mitchell’s River.

Be warned, you might find yourself with something in your eye once or twice.


Tied to the Metallica discussion:


I saw an interview on Youtube the other day with Queen a day or so before they appeared at Live Aid. They were mulling over whether they should play new stuff or maybe do the hits. What a feast of bullshit as they walked on stage and launched into Bohemian Rhapsody first song. :smile:

(John Deacon is actually laughing to himself in the background as Mercury and May speak, I can imagine his process “yeah we’ve got 20 minutes in front of a TV audience of 2 billion, let’s do some album track or Jazz Odyssey”).


Quality Scottish miserable, Cure inspired indie music.



I love The Twilight Sad.

Spotify also recently put this song on my plate - “Out Lines” are a collaboration that includes James Graham of The Twilight Sad.


That’s a brilliant song, thanks :grin:

Just listening to the album. This is great stuff.


Someone is a big Imagine Dragons fan…


Someone has 70% shitty taste.


Which is entirely different from having 70s shitty taste, which is how I originally read it.



Trick question.

The correct answer is always Nickelback.


Nickelback gets a lot of hate:


Some dude called “Bill Board”, apparently.


I’d never heard of Imaginedragons… meh…

Kinda sad they apparently took 4 of the top 5 spots of the “rock” songs… I mean, nothing too wrong with them, but they’re not really anything worth getting excited about… and also, not really rock.

Also: Africa is a freaking fantastic song… too bad it got sooo overplayed that people hate it :smile:


They don’t appear to be a thing here so much (I don’t listen to the radio but often have the chart shows playing on TV), so I didn’t really know what they sound like. I did watch this video about them to try to “get” it: