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My wife will see Metallica a few times per year and has done so for decades. (She just saw them in Las Vegas after Thanksgiving with her sister and brothers.) I’ll ask her for her input.


Her opinion on Metallica albums:



What is her opinion on S&M?


That’s a very personal question


I did originally post that question without the image but realised that it looked like I was being incredibly inappropriate.

I quite like S&M anyway - the whole setup works better with the slower stuff rather than the heavier, more fast-paced stuff, but it’s an interesting experiment either way.


At the very least, take it to the Relationship thread!


I think the only really great Metallica album is Kill em All. Together with Megadeth’s Rust in Peace it’s a perfect metal album.

There are still some great songs on Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets, but it lacks the more unpolished brilliance of the first one. After Master of Puppets Metallica wasn’t Metallica anymore. AJFA was just bleh, and after that they became inlistenable.


You’re saying this is unlistenable?


Well unlistenable is hyperbolic…it is just pop fluff I guess. Milli Vanilli with loud guitars.

edit: It is fine if you like it though. :grinning: Enjoy it to your heart’s content, it just isn’t for me.


Yes. It’s bobbins. (To put it politely)


Looks like your wife is a Metallica purist =P

I’ve always like the “hated” albums by a lot of bands, so yeah, I’m more of a Load lover than hater. As for S&M I only really like maybe 3 or 4 songs… I was a bit disappointed with it because the arrangements were mostly flat and boring (except for those few songs I can’t really remember). The idea was neat though… but they should’ve probably gone with someone else, 'cause Kamen doesn’t seem to cut it.

Other than that, I don’t think I’ve ever heard Kill 'em All in its entirety :smile:

My favorites are definetly Ride the Lightning, AJFA, the black album, Load/Reload… Then I guess I’d put Muppets after that and Kill em All, oh and the new one… after that it’s all dreck to me (St. Anger, Death Magnetic, and Lulu, although that’s not even a Metallica album, tbh =P).


Well, I still really like Lulu. It makes me sad that when I see them live, I’ll never get to hear anything from it. Same goes for the other “less liked” material. There’s stuff from Reload, St. Anger, Death Magnetic that I’d take over Nothing Else Matters or even One. I guess that’s the problem with touring bands and their set lists though.


Me too.




Top Ten Worst Christmas Songs of All Time


Can’t watch this, unfortunately, but it made me check out the Weezer Africa cover starring Weird Al. The video is hilarious.


That’s kind of how Some Kind of Monster shows the situation to be.

Which I always meant to watch, but somehow never did, until a few weeks ago. It’s… an interesting portray of a band. And it makes you want to punch Lars in the face a lot of times.


Or, say throw him in an oubliette?


Late to the discussion but here’s some of my thoughts on Metallica:

St Anger should have been released as St Disappointment. There’s probably a decent single album to be had of Load and Reload. I had a soft spot for S&M due to the ridiculousness of the concept and the arrangements on some of the tunes. Master of Puppets is the peak they’ve never since reached. Proper Metallica ended when Cliff Burton died and everything since then has essentially been a different band.