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The Music Thread


Yeah, Christmas day Top Of The Pops used to be a big deal and Christmas number one a very coveted prize.


I thought it was so funny when Simon Cowell got upset when Killing in the Name made Christmas number one in 2009. One of the best entitlement rage moments


I think that was pretty much what ended the idea of Christmas number one as being important or relevant.

(Not that Rage getting it was a bad thing, just that it was transparently open to manipulation.)


Yeah, it’s basically been a cynical marketing tool for longer than I’ve been alive, but it really felt like it just became part of the X-Factor/Popstars hype train until that backlash.


I also seem to recall that “Ding Dong The Witch is Dead” topped the charts the week Maggie Thatcher kicked the bucket.


This is actually the way that I feel about 50% of arguments I encounter anymore. :wink:


Sounds like my friends and I arguing about Metallica, and whether or not they sold out with the Black Album, why there isn’t bass on AJFA, and there’s always that one guy who defends St. Anger.


Did you also know that your lifestyle determines your death style? :wink:

I honestly think there’s a great album hiding in St. Anger but it would take a heavy remixing with Lars nowhere around.


No there isn’t… I’ve heard great remixes and even a whole re-recording (by very talented musicians who definetly sound like them) and it doesn’t fix it beyond the HORRIBLE sound of the album. The songs are still boring and ultra repetitive.

Here’s the re-recording, btw:



From your lips…


I’ll be the guy who defends Lulu, if none of your friends do that.


I really think the album represented Lars taking a stronger hand due to James likely being in an odd place fresh out of rehab. The songs are mixed (and to a lesser extent written) from a drummer’s perspective with the toms being way to forward. I don’t think it would be among their best albums but I think you still make a decent album if you started with the masters and remixed with a better balance of vocals/guitars/drums and an ear towards the whole song rather than focusing on the drums.


I just think we should drop Lars in an oubliette. Like, in general.


“I’m coming for you, Nagle!”


My take is that Weezer’s first two albums are not as good as people say and their newer stuff isn’t as bad as people say, and SNL is probably the last show that should be making jokes about someone who was once good falling off.




The Green Album is the best one.


Hmmm. That’s what you got out of that sketch? :wink:


I think Maladroit is my favorite one, but the one they just a few years ago, The White Album, my wife liked a lot and is really pretty good.


OH and btw, I’m not a Metallica purist or anything, I actually REALLY like the Black Album, Load and Reload… like, a lot more than Master of Puppets, but St. Anger is just, no… I’m not a fan of Death Magnetic either, btw… Super boring and uninspired in general… I’d keep about 4 or 5 songs of those two records and throw everything else to the trash.