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The Music Thread


I totally scored at the record fair today.



After weeks of the hashtag #JusticeforGlitter going viral in anticipation of her newest album, on Wednesday, the Glitter soundtrack, which remains unavailable on streaming, shot to No. 1 on iTunes off the strength of word of mouth. No anniversary coverage or promotion from the label necessary. Just a pure grassroots effort from the fandom who might want to consider freelancing for political campaigns.


Two great little videos on jazz. The beginning of the first one is the only place I’ve seen a record player like mine used.




I still think Ales Lifeson’s hall of fame acceptance speech best sums up the institution:


Her music’s not my cup of tea but kudos to Taylor Swift for some awesome negotiation skills.


Yup, that’s from the sound of music.
Surprisingly catchy with the dodgiest video, which is also, somehow hilarious.


The new album is apparently just covers of all the songs from The Sound of Music. And they shot the video for the title track when they were in North Korea. I get the feeling the Korean censors didn’t realise how they’d assemble some relatively innocuous footage:


That makes North Korea look pretty attractive.


It was released today.

16 going on 17 is so dodgy it’s funny.


I mean, I’m sure it is for the most part, but there’s the whole police state thing. I think the mix of the tone of the music with some of the shots of how orderly everything is are designed to present an underlying frisson. Laibach’s art is often designed around depicting a dark underbelly, and how things that are acceptable on the surface hide a sinister agenda.

EDIT to add: I hear that for Asian ‘Communist’ countries (because you literally can’t be a state and communist, they’re mutually opposed concepts), Vietnam is actually pretty good in terms of actually being nice to live in, and good for personal freedom.


I think most totalitarian regimes share similar esthetics, emphasizing the grandeur and uniformity. It can look very appealing. Even those big concrete housing blocks can look good.


Aesthetics and totalitarianism is a huge topic, yeah. Worth doing a thread on if you want.


Well I wouldn’t have much to say on the topic, I’m not an expert or anything. Maybe it could fit in the mind expansion thread?


Works perfectly, too. The neat thing about Laibach is that their fascist aestheticism can almost be taken at face value; it is all just a little bit off, and that’s where the deconstruction unfolds.



Bowie’s Glastonbury 2000 performance was released today.
One of the best gigs I’ve ever seen.
That weekend was insane, NIN, Leftfield and Bowie as my headliners. Magic festival.


I think a friend of mine was at that show


We’re not friends? :frowning:


uhhhhh, you’re the friend I was talking about?