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I rally don’t see how this

The new rules request that performers “do not sing or play any vulgar, obscene or banned songs or carry out indecent acts or make any vulgar gestures, actions or remarks during the performance”.

is going to reduce this

In a complaint made to Haringey council, campaigners said the festival brought anti-social behaviour to the area, with open drug dealing, vomiting on streets and excrement on doorsteps seen in previous years.

Really what they should be doing is filling the bill with progressive rock acts. That will keep the undesireables out of the park.


Along with everyone else. :wink:


So everyone’s been “reacting” to this band on youtube… Gotta say, I’m not particularly a fan of this sort of “math/prog” metal, but this chick is a-fuckin-mazing… There’s a lot of female growlers, but she has both a great growl range and a great normal range (and techinque as well), so yeah, it’s pretty impressive…

That said… I still mantain Anneke has the most beautiful voice in the world


From a non-music thread that detoured into music chat,

I recall seeing a Queen photo cover to Mojo or Uncut on the news-stand back in 2000 or so, with the title “The third greatest band of all time” - that always struck me as quite fanciful (assuming Beatles and Stones as the top two).

Do they deserve to be up there, top 10 even?


For Night at the Opera and Day at the Races, yes


Measured by record sales, no, but then neither do the Rolling Stones.

Measured by “cross-generational and multi-national public awareness”, then possibly. Though you’d have to consider ABBA being #3 based on that criterion these days.


I don’t think it comes down to sales, otherwise that would be the literal question - “who are the top-selling recording bands of all time?” - there’s a pantheon and it includes a lot of acts that didn’t necessarily sell so well, and they’re not my faves but The Who and Led Zep are among them. It would never occur to me to have Queen there too.


When really, that’s way too low.

Serious question, how familiar with Queen are you?


I quite like ABBA - but better than the Beatles?

I know the hits - same with Led Zep and The Who (and even the Stones). I downloaded the LZ greatest hits earlier this year (I think) and really struggled with a lot of it. Exile is meant to be the Stones best album - I couldn’t get into it.


That part might have been a joke. But ABBA are amazing, and like in my top two pop bands. The other being New Order.

Queen are really a band of two halves, and even if all you really know are Greatest Hits I and II you can see it - but only if you really know which songs are in which era. In the 80s, Queen were basically your standard big rock band with some frills. At this point they’re defined mostly by rock anthems - Hammer to Fall, Breakthru, Princes of the Universe, Radio Ga-Ga; epic ballady type songs like Who Wants to Live Forever, and a few outliers to their earlier work like I want to Break Free and Innuendo.

Compare that to Greatest Hits I. Queen are still a big rock band, but their work is far more varied and experimental but also very funny. The track listings for Greatest Hits I vary wildly from region and reissue but you can see this from the commonalities between them. Leaving aside Bohemian Rhapsody, you’ve got funk-inspired stuff like Another One Bites the Dust, piano-driven serenades like Good old Fashioned lover Boy, just plain weird tracks like Killer Queen, Bicycle Race and Fat Bottomed Girls, as well as rock anthems like Somebody to Love, We Will Rock You and We are the Champions.

And at the same time, when you look at their albums there’s even more variaiton. A Nght at the Opera is my all-time favourite album. The best known songs on that album are Bohemian Rhapsody and You’re my Best Friend. Outside of the singles that album has a Heavy Metal (by 1975 standards) song calling out their old manager, a vaudeville music-hall ditty, a skiffle track, a folk song about travelling near lightspeed, and especially for @davidm, a prog song.

Queen’s first six or seven albums are amazing in terms of how much work the band put in, in terms of writing an incredibly varied songbook, in recording each style effortlessly, and making it all sound well as an album each time.


Not that I love you, but when someone - anyone* - declares their favourite all time album, that makes me want to give it a go.

(*anyone that I partway like and/or respect. Even if they hate Oasis.)


Seventies Queen is brilliant. I had a 45 minute each way school bus ride every day and Greatest Hits 1 was one of the albums we had on, the tape would only change after many many plays on an album, maybe once a month at most. The tunes are really diverse, great vocals and original ideas.

Eighties and into very early 90s Queen when Freddie died is a lot more variable, there are some really good tracks in there but some rubbish too.


I love Queen and they’re possibly the best bad i saw live but they’re not in the top 10. In terms of influence and quality I’d put them behind The Beatles, The Stone, The Kinks, The Band, Creedence, Pink Floyd, The Clash, Led Zep, The Who, The Byrds, The Beach Boys, The Smiths and that’s before I get to more personal choices.


It’s hard rate bands by “objective” criteria because then you get to the Eagles very quickly and nobody wants that.


My cousin’s 30-something son Liam (in County Louth) is such a fan that his nickname is Freddie.


Even by originality and influence. I think Rob’s list has a lot of merit in innovation in music but if on that school bus we’d have had to have listened repeatedly to the 3 decent songs The Byrds did for a month, there’s a high chance we would have set the vehicle on fire.


How can you respect anyone who doesn’t hate Oasis? :wink:


To be fair, I don’t hate Oasis. It’s just I don’t make a habit of listening to Beatles tribute acts.


How dare you. “Sweetheart of the Rodeo” is a great album.


I’ve always felt that the concept of the band was something that was a bit more popular and fully realized in UK culture than the US. I think if you look back, you could say UK popular music (meaning 60s on) is founded with stuff like the Beatles, Stones, Kinks, etc., while the US is more Elvis, Dylan, Chuck Berry, etc. And that has sort of kept up in the decades since. With exceptions both ways, obviously.