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The Music Thread


She’s still more metal than Def Leppard




If I had a ballot and had to choose five from that list it would be Kraftwerk, Janet, LL, Roxy, and the Cure.


I’d go for Devo, Kraftwerk, Rage, Roxy Music and The Cure


Who I think will make it: Stevie Nicks, Todd Rungren, Radiohead, Rage, and John Prine.


I think I’d do the same but put in Chaka Khan before Janet as she’s older. In the end it doesn’t matter really because they’ll all end up in there eventually, it’s just who gets in first.


I’m actually kinda shocked Kraftwerk aren’t already in the hall of fame, they’re probably the most important band in the history of pop music that’s not called The Beatles.


And much better


I don’t know. How long have they been fucking with The Zombies with a potential induction?


Yet they are still on the shortlist. Maybe not this year… they’ll be back on the next. :smile:


They’ve been nominated 4 times since 2013. They should probably either vote them in or cut them loose. :wink:


I also think people are underestimating the pull NE Ohio has in the Rock Hall inductions and the amount of favor Devo has in the area. I think they’ll be on the induction list this year.


The Zombies case has always been pretty thin. Yes they are a great band that was ahead of the curve but we’re really only talking about a few singles and one classic album.


Oh, I’m not saying they should induct them. I’m saying that after 4 nominations, they should either shit or get off the pot.


Plus, all the references in that one episode of The Middleman


It’s pretty easy to predict who will get in.

Whose record companies are trying to hawk a greatest hits disc at the moment? :thinking: