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The Music Thread


There really is no accounting for taste…


I have a theory that if you substitute the word “blandest” whenever you see “most popular”, the universe makes a lot more sense. (Doesn’t only apply to music.)


N.B. Blandness isn’t automatically a bad thing. I quite like the Eagles :slight_smile:


It also applies to superhero movies.

I am surprised people could still be buying Eagles records though. Surely everyone who could possibly be interested already has this? I can see MJ falling in popularity as he can no longer tour, and nowadays I think the stuff with the kids comes across as less ignorable/forgivable in 2018.

It is of course lame that a Greatest Hits album is the #1 seller of all time, and IMO shouldn’t count on those grounds. And the funny thing is that if you look at the track list it’s kind of a shit compilation, even if you like the band. No Hotel California, no Best of My Love, no Heartache Tonight, no Life in the Fast Lane, no Those Shoes, no The Long Run.


To be far, it is based on the number sold. We have no idea how many were returned. :wink:


I hope there is a Spinal Tap joke somewhere in here.



Kate Bush did this performance in the Dutch fairy tale park Efteling, I never knew this video existed:


This popped up on a Facebook group. I think it’s an interesting question, as it’s not your typical “five favourite bands” question (the answer might be the same as your five favourite bands, but it seems that it probably wouldn’t be).


Any takers?


Atari Teenage Riot
Nine Inch Nails
Depeche mode

(also: five bands or fewer)


It’s a stylistic choice :stuck_out_tongue:


The God Machine
Napalm Death
Fields of the Nephilim


I can’t do it with just five artists. If I choose the Beatles, the Chieftains, Pink Floyd, Stevie Wonder, and Nirvana for the musical styles/subgenres they represent, that leaves out at least six other subgenres that I crave. I need to include Bob Marley, the Kings of Leon, Mozart, Alison Krauss, Tommy Dorsey, the Allman Brothers, Robert Johnson…


Struggling to decide whether I should “like” a reply that’s such an abject failure :thinking:


Christel and I saw Tony Bennett perform last night. He was fantastic.

He’s 92 and sang for almost 1.5 hours. It was non-stop song after song and he stood the entire show. He is a living legend and the last of a generation. It was a great show.


Yes. Yes you should.


Johnny Cash
Bob Marley
Led Zeppelin
Beastie Boys



Sonic Youth
Miles Davis