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Emphasis added. We were previously talking about mid to lower tier artists. I will concede (and have previously stated) that top stars have always made money from album sales as they had the power to get more equitable contracts.

Not sure exactly how it worked but many artists talk about getting a check directly from iTunes.

I would assume the increase in revenue from that stream had something to do with the ability to monetize individual songs without what would essentially be the full production cost of the physical object. I can’t imagine back in the day that singles were a lot cheaper to manufacture than full albums in any physical format.


Another wrinkle in the streaming debate. What counts as a “stream” and how that is tracked becomes very important.



There’s the “360 deal.”


At Combichrist tonight. First support act is one man, one woman and a laptop. Like every Combichrist gig


Yes. That’s it. I thought there was something very specific.


It’s something that came up when I was looking yesterday. Apart from the Motown stuff long in the past it may be rather telling the first deal came in 2002 with Robbie Williams, at the same time his label were negotiating with Apple on selling digital music.


Ya. The old label deals with catalog songs were similar but not exactly the same.


It helps that he’s also had a much longer career outside of the Beatles - of course Wings and his solo stuff never sold as much as the Beatles’ work, but he still makes millions every year from those tracks (including Wonderful Christmastime every December), and while we caught the tail-end of a world tour in December, he’s just about to start another one.

That’s a big one (also, contrary to expectations, Bono as frontman and primary lyricist still thinks of it as Adam’s band).





It’s weird that he samples so many guitar tracks on his albums then. Is he deliberately trying to make his albums sound “inherently worse”? :thinking:


Kanye? Every song written by Nile Rodgers would like a word with you.


That doesn’t sound like something he would say.

Americans don’t really use shit as an adjective like that either.


I tried to find an original source for the quote, but couldn’t. So I suspect you’re right, it’s not him.

I did randomly find this quote by Mike Dean, producer of Yeezus, though:

Mike Dean: We’re all trying to push things to be weirder. I sometimes push for stuff to be more musical, and then Kanye pulls it back to hip-hop. “I’m In It”, for instance, had these crazy guitar parts and all this stadium stuff, and then Rick, Noah, and Kanye pulled it back. I wasn’t very happy with that at first, but it came out really well.

I find it amusing that he at least thinks that hip-hop is less “musical” than guitars :wink:


For those not in the know:


I don’t know if he slipped the tongue or whatever; lots of people think rap isn’t “musical” which is of course crazy.

It’s funny, Yeezus is probably my favorite album of the last 10 years or so but I don’t really think of it as “hip-hop”. I actually think of it as rock. Honestly if you clocked the running time there is probably only rapping on like 30% of it.

It’s common knowledge (for those who care) that Yeezus was at some point quite long and Rick Rubin came in just a few weeks before release and edited it way down. I would still like to hear the long version.


The version with the 10-minute guitar solo? Yeah, it’s not bad :wink:


You’ll be glad (?) to know that I am currently arguing with the editor of Prog magazine, who has re-posted this photo apparently without any attempt to verify its authenticity, just to get a smug chorus of “what a twat” from his Kanye-hating readers.

I feel really anarchic now :laughing: