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Andrew doesn’t look like I thought he would.


Wife’s in bed with a bad cold, so I’m trying to keep the noise down.

I got my headphones, plugged them into the PC, made sure the system volume wasn’t at 100%, made sure the PC speaker was turned off.

Press play.

“The uploader has not made this video available in your country.”


You aren’t missing much. It’s just a Noel Gallagher video. :wink:


Even people who hate his music usually find much value in his interviews though.


Really?!? If that was an interview of someone in politics, it would be seen as getting him to admit to and say some really stupid shit.


I haven’t seen this specific video, but usually he’s a great, very funny interviewee (and admits that doing album promo interviews is one of his favourite parts of the job). He recently appeared on Lars Ulrich’s show (they’re pals).

Speaking of them, the Oasis board I’m on has finished its exhaustive review of every track from the band.

The top 10 - nothing too unexpected, and you could do much worse for a ten track sampler:

Era Total score Song
DM 9.88 Slide Away
DM 9.85 Listen Up
WTSMG 9.63 Rockin’ Chair
DM 9.60 Live Forever
WTSMG 9.50 The Masterplan
SOTSOG 9.44 Fuckin’ in the Bushes
WTSMG 9.38 Acquiesce
WTSMG 9.25 Some Might Say
WTSMG 9.23 Champagne Supernova
SOTSOG 9.22 Go Let It Out

Grouping the songs by which album era they relate to we get the following rankings:

Era Score
Definitely Maybe 7.96
What’s the story 8.02
Be Here Now 7.00
Standing on the shoulder of giants 6.52
Heathen Chemistry 5.26
Don’t believe the truth 5.57
Dig out your soul 5.86

It’s worth mentioning that one of the things the band was known for was very high quality control early on, with 2 or 3 top tier b-sides released with every single (of which there were many). By the second half of their lifetime (Heathen Chemistry onward), you not only had songs written by three other band members, but Noel losing interest in writing b-sides, and Liam having less interest in singing them.

Because of the volume of b-sides and bonus tracks, it may have been more sensible to apply a multiplier to boost the scores for singles over the scores for album tracks, and the scores for album tracks over the scores for b-sides…

4 of those top ten tracks are b-sides; by the end the b-sides were clearly sketches and afterthoughts.


Interesting that you say “nothing too unexpected”, and yet I only recognise one of the titles in that list :smiley:

But I suspect the same would be true for lists made by fans of any band.


Fair enough, but three of them were UK top 10 singles (including two chart toppers) and one was an international and video single.


I recognize two of those songs. What was the other hit?

Phish Twitter just did something similar. The final four was Tweezer, You Enjoy Myself, Mike’s Song, and Bathtub Gin. The first three are obvious. The last one is a bit more surprising even though the song obviously owns.


Some Might Say, Champagne Supernova and Live Forever were big UK hits.

It is rather a fans list with the B sides on there (which of course it is as it’s from an Oasis fan board).


Ok, some might say is the one I don’t know.


Yeah I think if you went with a public vote stuff like Wonderwall, Don’t Look Back In Anger etc would definitely be there.



Is there another way to watch it?


It let’s me for some reason so they’ve geo-blocked Australia but usually within the day someone has just replicated the video anyway.


The official video has been out for about a month.


Yes, so? I’m just asking if Andrew searched beyond that.

If nobody else has cross posted it than clearly nobody can be arsed. No demand.


Go Let It Out was a number one, as was Some Might Say (their first of 8 UK number one singles).

Champagne Supernova was not a UK single - only released as a CD single in Australia (as was Morning Glory - though their videos were aired worldwide). Despite those not being singles, the band have the Guinness record for “Longest Top 10 UK Chart Run by a Group” - 22 top 10 singles.

It wasn’t really a hit outside the UK - I hadn’t heard it until I bought the album in 1999 (which was some years after it was released). This was around the time of the Blur rivalry, with this song being compared by Damon Albarn to the work of Status Quo (he meant it as an insult). Noel leaned in, making a public appearance in a Quoasis t-shirt.

Sound-wise it’s quintessential “up” Oasis, lots of tambourine, echoing backing vocals, swooshing guitar effects - Robbie Williams scored a hit with “Old before I die”, borrowing a lot of this particular sound.



Ah fair enough. As I mentioned a bit back those first two Oasis albums were played so much during my college days that they were absorbed via osmosis. I’ve never owned an Oasis record but could sing along to Champagne Supernova and know pretty much all the words. Hence memory falsely convincing me it was a single.


I’d never considered the similarity there, but you’re right, it does borrow a lot.