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The Music Thread


Jazz is actually making a huge comeback these days, and London is ground zero for it, or at least it has a very vibrant scene. (Chicago and maybe LA are the other two big cities)

It’s quite the interesting development but I think it makes some sense.


James MacMillan is the only one of those I have any albums by. I don’t like everything he’s done, but Seven Last Words is sublime. Looking at the competition, I hope it won that year? (I mean, personally I would have picked Deep Purple’s Purpendicular in 1995, but looking at it objectively Seven Last Words is on a different plane.)


Dammit I’m in the wrong place :scream:

I’m at the Manchester Jazz Festival tonight. They put a jazz festival in Manchester! Idiots! :roll_eyes:


I noted Portishead won in the post (as I said the ‘niche’ acts in classical and jazz never seem to actually win it but it probably increased their sales a hell of a lot so they won’t complain too much).

I would have given it to Leftfield but that’s what happens with such a subjective choice with music.

An oddity in that list is that that Tricky and Portishead, both living a couple of miles apart in Bristol, included a track on both their albums that sampled an Isaac Hayes record in almost exactly the same way just by coincidence.


Doh! :laughing: . I genuinely took Dummy (Winner) to be the name of the song :blush:


It’s a list of albums, David.

Isn’t this prize awarded by a panel of, like, 6 people? It’s all pretty dodgy.


From that list I had Dummy, Elastica, and To Bring You My Love. I don’t believe I had Maxinquaye (I know I had Pre-Millennial Tension). Out of British bands in 1995 I also had, at some point or another in life, Slowdive’s “Pygmalion”, Radiohead’s “The Bends”, and Autechre’s “Tri Repetae.” I never had Seefeel’s “Succour” but I’ve listened to it a lot; it’s brilliant and holds up incredibly.

What a year for British music.


1994 and 1997 are great music years.


Ok, is this a better indicator of your age? Every best album Grammy recipient, ever:

I have the winning albums from 1962 and 1978.


I’m not sure it is, as I have at home various albums in the list from 1968 to 2017.


Different Class was 1995 too. Not even shortlisted for the Mercury.


What a stream of offensively poor decisions. 2006. 2001. 1993. 1985.

“Help!” and “Revolver” lose out to Sinatra two years in a row.


From Sgt Pepper 1968 to Daft Punk in 2014 for me. (One pedantic bit to note is the Grammys are at the start of the year so it notes the year they won not when released, Sgt Pepper came out in 1967).


Broken down by decade:
1960s – 1
1970s – 6
1980s – 7
1990s – 3
2000s – 4
2010s – 6

I guess music got better again in this decade. :slight_smile:


And not even classic Sinatra. There’s nothing on September of my Years I would go out of my way to listen to. And A Man and His Music is a greatest hits compilation, which surely shouldn’t be prizeworthy?



His whole argument seems a little pedantic, nearly all of that "Camille’ material was released during Prince’s lifetime and he performed it live to millions on tour in 1987/8. That the one track that wasn’t is appended to another release or not doesn’t seem important. Especially in 2018 when you can buy all tracks individually anyway for a dollar and it’s on Youtube.




Cracked magazine is going to start getting jealous of Jim Jefferies, Todd.


Since Cracked had their massive layoff last year, the site hasn’t been as good as it once was.