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The Music Thread


I think that’s just Freddie Mercury’s entire back catalogue


Yeah and I love that performance.

We are all opera singers!


Freddie has some awesome operatic pieces on his solo albums. One of my favourites is Exercises in Free Love, which was on the posthumous Freddie Mercury Album (which was released in the US as The Great Pretender)



Did you enjoy it? It’s far more Holmes’ album than Noel’s - but as Noel himself has been keen to remind, he’s always had an interest in making electronic music and dabbled regularly (two Chemical Brothers collaborations, one with Goldie, one with UNKLE, the Chemical Brothers-esque “F***in’ in the bushes”, final Oasis single Falling Down, and NGHFBs single “What a life”).


I haven’t heard it all yet, just a few clips, but will get it on Spotify tomorrow.

David Holmes is the author of my favourite remix of all time. The piano riff is just sublime (skip to 3m 10s the intricate piano is not on the original track, it’s all him).


I like the piano bit :slight_smile:


Yo, Music Thread:

It’s Christmas time. Any new suggestions for Christmas playists?


A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols is broadcast live on BBC Radio 4 on 24 December at 3pm (10:00 EST or 07:00 PST). The service is also broadcast at 2pm on Radio 3 on Christmas Day, and at various times on the BBC World Service.



That’s not quite what I-

Okay, I’ll start. My favourite Christmas song will always be Fairytale of New York, but I won’t even bother posting the clip because everybody knows that one, or if not they don’t deserve Christmas anyway.

So here’s Weezer’s version of O Holy Night which I think is great:

And this is apparently a Metallica version of Carol of the Bells? Huh.


I like everything on The OC’s Chrismukkah album:


Sorry, can’t hold a candle (pun intended :stuck_out_tongue: ) to this:


Neat! I’ve already put some of those on my playlist (Eels, Low, Raveonettes, Jimmy Eat World), but there are also some I hadn’t caught yet.


There are a pair of pointless instrumentals tacked on to the second half, and one dodgy, dull track (“Be careful what you wish for”), but the rest is solid.

Only last year did I look into the Phil Spector Christmas album - two of the tracks on it I knew from Goodfellas anyway. Apart from that I like the Rat Pack Christmas album (not all of it, some of those tracks are too dreary).

Not sure if they’re your style.

Oh hey - Roger Daltrey. Not a rock star?


How have I not heard of J Dilla until now??? So good.


Great video. I can see “Forget quantize, man” working in lots of fields (I guess it’s a more up-to-date “Don’t be a square, daddy-o”). It’s certainly something I should try in my writing.



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This is a great chat with Gary Numan about the music that inspired him


Will watch this when I get home. I can remember an interview some years ago where Numan cited the amazing John Foxx (who was with Ultravox! back in the day) as a major influence. Foxx, Numan and The Human League were the soundtrack to my later teenage years.


He does indeed namecheck the John Foxx era Ultravox in this one as well.