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The Music Thread


Pffff…I’m going to go part Hipster here and say I don’t listen to “popular” music. I listen to obscure metal sub-genres, like Pirate Metal:

And Mongolian Folk Metal:

(This actually showed up, to my joy, in the Cultural Anth. course I took about a year ago.)
I say “Part” Hipster, as I don’t listen to the music ironically, I actually like it- though Alestorm is sort of hipsterish themselves- their songs are written “ironically”, but are actually good.


Yes, that’s exactly it. It used to be NME, and like Melody Maker and Smash Hits and a few others. Rolling Stone and Spin and a few others in the states. Everything has been splintered and specialized, and exponentially so on the internet. It’s hard to compete as generalists in that sphere.

It’s crazy to think these music magazines, which worked on a month-long lead time, used to actually break stories. Nowadays everyone knows about breaking news in seconds.


Going out with a whimper too - here’s the final print cover:


I ad to google Stefflon Don to see if it was a comedy act :flushed:


Here’s a weird thing.

Presented by Pop Magazine, the first annual Pop Awards honors the best in popular music of the past year, featuring five categories with a shortlist of five nominees in each category.

It’s not clear what the nomination process was, but there’s at least a couple of unexpected nominees in here…



Hmmmmmm, that’s awesome sauce…I am a gigantic Prince fan and yeah, he slayed the entourage in that tribute.


I really wish the old music variety shows would come back. The Midnight Special, Rockpalast, Top of the Pops even Johnny Cash’s tv show were forward-thinking in exposing so many styles and genres of music. They, along with MTV and painstaking research and investigating (at great financial cost, lol) on my own broadened my music horizons to where I feel blessed for loving MUSIC, not just one genre. Future generations should be given the benefit of what we had, albeit I am not sure if there’s many beyond a slim margin demographically, have the patience to root out various styles.


I think we can all agree that this is well deserved:

“It’s almost like the national anthem,” Loggins once said

and honestly, who would argue with that? :wink:


Hey, Kenny Loggins was the KING of movie soundtracks in the '80s: Footloose; I’m Alright (from Caddyshack); Danger Zone (from Top Gun)… If Ringo can become a knight, then Kenny deserves this honor.



You could pick any song at random and it would be better than the US national anthem.


Friday by Rebecca Black.




In 1988 a bedroom DJ from Detroit called Derrick May produced an amazing piece of music called ‘Strings of Life’ that didn’t really sound like anything before.

Mostly ignored in his home town and country at the time (and championed mostly in Europe) it is now hailed as a work of genius and has influenced a million pieces of electronic music since.

In 2015 it was reproduced with a full orchestra in Paris.

The original for reference:


That guitar solo made an impressive dent in my sexual orientation.


I always bring this up with people when this track ever comes up that… just imagine being Derrick May standing in your dressing gown looking out at Detroit as you play your final edit of this… just knowing you’d created something that amazing!


The funny element is May is not humble at all. I have seen a few interviews and he really thinks he’s the second coming. His ego will span continents :smile:

It doesn’t really matter, he did hit a moment of innovation, very few people do and in all of these kind of things the end result is all.


I think if I created a piece of music like that I’d be just as bad. :smile:


Hmm. Just reminds me of Let’s Get Ready to Rumble.


:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: Sacrilege!!