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The music and comics playlist


I never used to be able to read and listen to comics at the same time, but recently I’ve managed to adjust my mindset and at times it really adds to the experience.

Tonight I’ve been reading Hip Hop Family Tree and listening to the tracks mentioned throughout. It really maximises the experience; the beauty of Apple Musi being that I can easily and immediately find any of the tracks and play them instantly with no cost.

It reminded me of a thread I wanted to start.

I started listening to music while reading again because public transport can be a really difficult place to read if you’ve got some annoying fecker close by.
I started sticking in the headphones and listening to random albums that either had no lyrics or that I didn’t know the words to.

Here’s a few of my favourite pairings to get us started:

Y The Last Man & Wolf Alice: My Love Is Cool

Not a band I’d normally be into, a bit too poppy for my tastes, but this eclectic album has really grown on me and I find it elevated my re-read of Y.
I now really like the album as well and I think tonally it fits so well to that series.

Descender & Underground Resistance: Electronic Warfare Volume 2

The Sci Fi book is perfectly matched with the URs labels unique house style of Lo-Fi, off kilter, electro noodlings.

Revival & Sonic Youth: Daydream Nation & Goo. Plus Splashh: Comfort

I wanted to go with the grunge rock vibe on this one and these fit the bill. I think the Pixies would be a good option here too.

Rachel Rising & Boards of Canada: Tomorrow’s Harvest & Music Has the Right to Children

This elevated the horror elements of the book

Morning Glories & Deep Dish: Junk Science

Don’t know why it works, but it does. Wasn’t even a conscious pairing, I just felt like listing to Junk Science one sunny morning and it was a great experience while reading Morning Glories.


Here’s something that I and another person have been coming up with for Stray Bullets. Issue by Issue.
Mainly find that it’s a crime or love song from the 80’s or 70’s - it works


Brilliant Tom!

I’m going to come back to that.

I’ve still to make my way thru the Uber Alles edition, I might use you playlist for when I do!


The Uber Alles edition is way too hefty haha. Waiting for the trades to finished getting releaesed before making my move.

It’s a great series and like with Young Liars - needed some background music


I find the idea really interesting, Chris. I’ve never considered that certain albums might tonally fit well with specific comics, but now I’m going to have to think about it.

The problem for me is that I don’t like listening to music when I’m reading (comics or anything else). I guess I struggle to cope with two different input streams at the same time, so I’m either ignoring the music or ignoring the comics; either way it seems a bit pointless :smile:


Oh man! What a brilliant idea!

Most of marvel would need to be 70s chase / surf rock music?!

Batman some emo rock…

Love it :slight_smile:


Chapter titles in Casanova are song names, and I found that playing the song while reading the chapter really heightened the experience.
Besides, La Ritournelle is a great piece of music on its own.


I actually forgot (and I only read it a couple of months ago, so it shows where my memory’s heading :frowning: ) that “Fast and Frightening” has songs listed on almost every page, presumably telling you what you should be listening to while you read that page.

Unfortunately, as I hadn’t even heard of 80% of the songs, I couldn’t perform the experiment. But I did think it was an interesting idea.


Today was Deadly Class Volume 3 & Deftones: Fur which worked pretty well atmospherically, however if I had a bit of time I’d have matched some punk or some releases from 1988 with it.