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The Murder Club part 2 is OUT NOW!


Hey everyone, my dark, psychological graphic novel “The Murder Club: Useless Deaths - Part 2” is finally OUT NOW! I’m so glad I’ve finally finished the first story in this series and can’t wait to see what people think.

The story concludes with Lisa now convinced by Tom to kill a fellow student. She makes her way to the boy’s house to deliver the fatal stab and plant evidence of a drug deal gone bad.
However, she soon finds herself alone, in danger, and wondering if this was Tom’s plan all along.

Get it on Amazon:
Or Comichaus:
Or ComixCentral:
Or itch . io:
Or DriveThruComics:
Or “direct” via Gumroad:
And eventually on Comixology too according to their mystical internal release schedule - I’ll let you know when :slight_smile:

And of course, you can still get Part 1 at all those places, but here’s just the Amazon link:

Go get it while it’s hot! :smiley:



Woo, I got a review at DownTheTubes and it’s really positive!
And it’s the first review - waiting on another two to drop this month, so hopefully they’re just as good :slight_smile:


I got a second review, this time from from Fanbase Press - they also liked it :smiley: