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The movie props, replicas and memorabilia thread


From the “What are you looking forward to in 2016?” thread:

Two things for this thread.

  1. Given the date of 1985 what do you think @Andy could be talking about?

  2. What movie props / replicas do you own or want to own?

The only piece of proper memorabilia I own is my Dredd stuff. Not really based on movie mounds (they’re comic based) but I’m pretty sure the movie has made it easier to get hold of things like this.

The dream is of course the full outfit but that is a bit too rich for my buying habits just now.


Nice lid and gun @Bruce!
I got into prop collecting (not very much, it can be expensive) a few years ago when I started putting the 1st Hit-Girl costume together for Amber.
Other than our costume parts…
Kick-Ass’s batons (I did KA2 one year for Halloween) and Frank’s paperweight, I’m still looking for an accurate stand for it as well as the stash box (what?.. You’re back on the powder now?!)

My favorite Mila film:

Amber decided to sacrifice and old Barbie and made a Leeloo for me. :wink:
The Pick of Destiny (came with the soundtrack)

Key fob from Room 237

Mini Pipeweed cask

Not an accurate prop but when I saw this at the 2nd hand store I had to have it!

So far I’ve collected digital copies of about half of Mr Incredible’s clippings, eventually my home office will be a mix of “film” offices. I look for Eddie Valiant’s chair every time I pass an antique shop! :laughing:
A few things from Blade Runner (the gun is just too expensive right now) The vials contain the “retired” replicants.

This one I found while sitting in my bosses kitchen, his wife was using it while cooking and insisted I have it when she saw my reaction. Leon’s oven mitt from The Professional

I needed a flashlight that could mount inside a walk-in freezer so I modified a Maglight and inserted a powerful magnet in the activation box.

On my list to acquire:
Kal’s green fortress crystal (found)
Kick-Ass Impersonator newspaper (looking)
Aliens Pulse rifle
But none of those are my “dream prop” :wink:


A dream prop from a 1985 movie can only mean one thing.


I’d like to own one of these;

And there are a number of people making very good replicas, but I just can’t justify the shelf space or the money right now.

As a fan of Lovecraft’s stories (and the many people writing in his universe since) I’d also like one of these;

Which is my favourite of the (many) designs out there.


My wallet has taken a beating over the last few years, to the point where its’ barely recognizable.

until I have to open it…

I wanted to replace it with a “prop” I could carry around. I decided on Walter Mitty’s, however the actual wallet is over $100! I found an accurate pattern and have experience with leather work so I planned on making it (still do!) but haven’t had the time to work on it yet. My sister visited last week and we had a belated Christmas party, she knows me so well. :sunglasses: :thumbsup: