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The Most Exciting Director


Yeah to go by your OP if a director has a new film out and you watch anything else first, he or she doesn’t count.


I’ll toss in Joe Carnahan, Martin McDonough (I know I’ve brought up before how they’re not as much Tarantino clones as some have tried to argue). Andrew Dominik, even if he doesn’t direct a lot of movies. Tarsem! Tarsem is the most visually exciting director…ever. And his storytelling is hugely underrated. Please, please, please watch The Fall. Jeff Nichols somehow doesn’t get enough love even after the stunning Midnight Special. Denis Villeneuve. Luc Besson.

…Anyway, I can think of lots…


Should we change the thread name to ‘directors you like’ ? because that’s what it’s turned into.


Yeah all Ridley films look great, it’s just he’s highly variable based on the quality of the scripts used, he doesn’t seem to pick very well but rather hit on a great one every now and then.

I wouldn’t say he’s lost his touch really as a few of his stinkers are back in the 80s and 90s but sandwiched with some really good ones (and his latest was very well reviewed). I know Rotten Tomatoes is hardly a science but you can see there a pattern of ‘fresh’ and ‘rotten’ all the way through his career.


For me, they’re literally exciting.

What are we looking for? Exciting action?


Edgar Wriight, without a doubt.

Matthew Vaughan.

James Gunn.

But, if we are looking back (maybe a little too much), William Friedkin.
Sorcerer is a freaking Master Piece.


I think the point is more that the original post was about THE most exciting director and since then most posts have started naming 4 or 5. :smile:


I took it to mean if every director had a new movie out tomorrow and all you knew about the movies is the director, then whose would you watch first. Fairly straightforward.



Coens and Ridley then.


Most exciting director in that sense, with new movies I have to see: Orson Welles. But don’t have Netflix so I have to wait. And Gilliam. But have to wait for when Man Who Shot Don Quixote will actually be available…


Sadly, all his subsequent movies never reached the same level as Sorcerer, The Exorcist and The French Connection.


Yeah… but still.



On the other hand: Wes Anderson. Now that one has me excited every time a movie comes out. And I think he’s been getting better and better with every movie.

Also, for me still the Coen Brothers. I feel that these days, every movie they make is the absolutely perfect version of that movie. Like it or not, there is no way to improve on what they’ve done there.

Lars von Trier is still incredibly good, though I don’t know that he can still excite me. Maybe the one coming out right now.

Inarritu. I think both Birdman and The Revenant show a director at the absolute height of his artistic career. I will definitely be excited when his next movie comes out.

Yorgos Lanthimos - I still haven’t seen The Lobster (shame on me!) let alone his earlier work, but after The Killing of the Sacred Deer, I am very excited about The Favorite. And about whatever he will be doing after that.

Nicolas Winding Refn. Not every movie hits its target, but he has a unique vision, and Drive is maybe still my favourite movie of the decade.

David Lynch, if he ever does release another movie.

Cary Fukanaga. This is mainly on the strength of his Jayne Eyre, and of True Detective. He’s been struggling to find his next movie, and I hope he actually does stay on Bond. I’d love that so much.

Right, no other names off the top of my head. I’ll second Waititi, Garland and Edgar Wright (great list there, Matt!).


Oops. Well, that’s still the Coens then.

If we’re looking for THE most exciting director, maybe we should do a vote thing with some of the ones that have been mentioned multiple times?