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The Most Exciting Director


Shocked at many people here being generally over Tarantino, I have to ask:

Who do you think is the most exciting film director working right now?

I’m not sure which criteria you’d use to judge this (since it’s obviously a very subjective topic) but I’m thinking of it like this:

All of your favourite directors release a new movie on the same day. Which one do you watch first?

By asking for “most exciting” the answers will probably be weighted towards those earlier in their careers, but I’d be interested to see if any old masters are chosen.

My own personal pick would be Tarantino, I can’t think of anyone who’s films feel more like an event. I’m really interested to see who everyone thinks.


Panos Cosmatos was one, I think.
I didn’t generally like Beyond the Black Rainbow - in fact, it bored me to tears, but I thought it was really exciting to hear that sensibility and style turned toward a grungier revenge film.
And it didn’t disappoint.

But overall - I’m fine with old standards too. I like a steady and experienced hand behind the wheel regardless of “excitement”. Chips can always fall where they may.
The dude doing Rocketman is another one I guess.


Tarantino is still a major draw for me, for the same reasons. I still find myself excited to see what he will do next.

Christopher Nolan too (although I know he has a lot of critics here). There is something so meticulous and complete about his work that I always find it satisfying.

Gilliam is a visionary whose work I always want to see - even if he doesn’t always make great films, they’re always interesting.

Damien Chazelle is threatening to join the list, although I still haven’t seen First Man (after technical problems at the cinema scuppered my first attempt to see it).


For me, Tarantino is still miles ahead of anyone else making movies just now.

He’s not had anything close to a flop and his films have been consistently outstanding.

I think most critics would agree with this.

After Tarantino I would have to say Nolan is the next biggest draw, for me personally and probably in movies generally.


Ridley rocks.


It might be a predictable pick but I would say definitely Paul Thomas Anderson. Maybe not my favorite director but I have loved all of his movies and out of every working director would be most excited if he had a new one out tomorrow.

After that I would have to say…still…Martin Scorsese. When I was watching “Bohemian Rhapsody” the other day I kept thinking “this is pretty bland but someone like Scorsese would have absolutely killed it with the exact same script.”

A lot of my favorite directors probably don’t count as “exciting” though.


Zack Snyder.



Also Stephen Chow and James Wan. I really appreciate a good action director.


Alex Garland, Edgar Wright, Jordan Peele, Taika Waititi, Lynne Ramsay.


Yeah, Garland is definitely up there for me.

Ang Lee too. Even when his movies aren’t great, they’re usually interesting, unless they’re Taking Woodstock.

George Miller, obviously.

I’m seeing Steve McQueen’s Widows this evening, and I can’t wait. He wants to do a musical next, which would be excellent.


Hm, I’d go with Scorsese and Nolan. The two are unstoppable. At least from the point they make very personal movies, and yet, very different than previous in terms of tone and genre.

I’d go with Ridley Scott, but his movies currently are stinkers. I watched two days ago Robin Hood and it’s totally average film.


I thought The Martian was pretty good.


With the exception of the Martian :smiley:


Yeah, that’s kind of where I fall too


Takashi Miike films are mesmerizing. I really like Clint Eastwood too. Mule looks like it’ll be pretty good


With Ridley Scott, even the stinkers are visually exciting.


I’ll get on the Ridley train.
Even with his bad movies - they’re adamant in their vision and flair.

Give us the final Alien prequel film, Disney you cowards!


Yes, please guarantee that it’s the final one, Disney!


David Yates seems pretty good, as long as he has time and a solid script.


See, he’s very much on my list, but I’ve realised that when First Man came out I watched Bad Times at the El Royale instead. So he’s not the winner. Not for me.