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The most disturbing/shocking in scene you've seen in a comic


Someone said that comcis aren’t just for kids. Superhero stuff too. And every once a while in your reading career did you get shaken at the image(s) several inches of your head? Ofcourse, the startling meter hasn’t yet invented, but you get the picture. Anyway… I pick these scenes I cannot shake off my mind.


1)Azzarello’s JokerSkinning alive
2)Alan Moore’s TLOEG 2 - Rape by Invisible man by Mr. Hyde
3)Batman Venom - decapitation with bare hands
4)Moore’s Neonomicon - rape by sea creature
5)Morrison/McKean’s Arkham Asylum - massacre of Amadeus Arkham family


The Crossed.


The Borgias

Borgia confronts Della Rovere and gives him a basket filled with the cut-off penises of 150 lovers!

There’s a whole host of truly messed-up stuff in the book, like a horizontal impalement / iron maiden device too.

Most disturbing aspect of it is Jodorowsky’s story makes it seem entirely plausible.


I’m a Crossed fan…and that stuff usually rates as just gross because it tries too hard.

Now as for what would rank as most disturbing in my arena?
Groo the Wanderer - when the library that Groo has learned to love has been burnt down by the villagers.

So shocking.
Honestly, I felt ill.


From Hell. Chapter 4.

From Hell. Chapter 10.

I had trouble sleeping after both, for different reasons.


When you mention Jodorowsky, I entirely believe you, though I haven’t read the story


The book is brilliant, not least due to Manara’s watercolour art, but it’s also the most brutally fucked-up story I’ve ever read.


A friend told me to read it and then to imagine a peaceful night. I wanted to punch him in the face afterwards.


For mainstream, I’m thinking Diana snapping Maxwell Lord’s neck was unexpected and brutal.

Y’know, or any issue of Authority.


I have to agree with Crossed, only read the first TPB and didn’t want to read anymore.
I do agree that the visuals are purposefully extreme and is trying too hard to shock.

As much as a love The Boys, the reveal of the content of the photographs of Homelander having one of his “episodes” was pretty shocking.


There’s plenty, but this comes top of my head.

Preacher, Odin Quincannon’s Meat Woman.


Oh, I forgot to include Colonel Stars and Stripes death from Kick Ass 2 (see below)

While generally I observe violence in Kick Ass series as darkly humorous, for some reason, I make the exception in this case.


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Also, I was just wondering if you could please rearrange the way you name the scenes or use spoiler tags?
I know that you wrote spoilers but then I can’t be sure what for until it’s too late.


Well, I could, but could you explain a bit more for me? I thought if anybody read those stories, he/she’ll know it. I tried not to be too much specific.


Well, in superhero terms, this one is quite infamous:


From which one is that?


Sure. I’m sorry if I wasn’t being clear.

Okay, so you put:

But I think it would be more helpful if you did it like:

  1. Joker by Brian Azzarello - Whoever got skinned alive in this comic. I don’t know because I haven’t read it.

See what I mean? Click the blurred text and it will become clear.
To make part of your text blurred, just write [spoiler] [/spoiler ] but without the space I left.

I just think that this way you can go into as much detail as you want without spoiling whoever is reading.




Just did it.

Btw, in Joker, when you read it, you’ll know it. 'Cuz it’s very unexpected.