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The Millarworld song of the day thread!


OK, here are the rules. Once every day, you can post a song. Explain why you like it and other people should listen to it. Comment on other people’s songs.

Lorcan’s song of the day:

I ended up listening to Fossil Fuel - the best of XTC a couple of weeks ago after Sgt. Rock is Going to Help Me came up on random as I walked into work, and Dear God is one of my favourite songs on there. Leaving aside the strong subject matter of the song (though it’s one of my favourite athiest anthems), the arrangement and choice of instruments is unusual and quite unique. XTC are one of those hidden gems of the 80s who deserve to be far better remembered than they are.


I was thinking about this song the other day…


Well in the spirit of XTC I’ve been listening to the song (called XTC) quite a lot the last few months. It initially sounds like a fairly standard 90s era house track, complete with the lame obvious ecstacy reference, but as it goes he kind of smooshes and stretches the sounds in weird ways, adding all of this different stuff and making creative choices that seem to go against what would be the obvious instinct. It’s great, DJ Koze is the best.


I didn’t even know that song, cheers. Great video, too.


in honor of the day, i like the simplicity of the song and the lyrics. I listen it to a lot every christmas. I really like that he uses hopeful and brave instead of merry and happy. and this year it is very apropos because snow is nowhere to be seen and I am crossing my fingers that the rain will stay away.


So I’ve been amiss in maintaining my own thread, but I blame working 10 hours per day this week. Today’s song is more abrasive, but is also on the theme of religion:

I first encountered Skold when he was a guest artist on KMFDM’s album $&!^% in 97. His song was a standout entry on a top-notch album, and I really enjoyed his work as a full member of KMFDM’s following album, Adios, and the MDFMK side project. I found a copy of his eponymous solo album around the time Adios came out, and it blew me away. So naturally he didn’t release any more solo work for years, working instead as Marilyn Manson’s primary studio collaborator.

The Skold vs KMFDM album was that return to solo work, or at least it was a 50/50 collaboration with KMFDM’s Sascha Konietzko. I was in a mood to listen to it today and Antigeist is one of the standout tracks on there.


“The Commander Thinks Aloud” by The Long WInters

I love the space program. This song, sung from the perspective of the commander of the Columbia shuttle mission that blew up on re-entry is both inspiring and heart breaking.

Edited to add: There is also an excellent episode of the blog Song Exploder about this song.


It’s a great song. Adam Savage actually sings it occasionally when he does spoken word sets.


So, I want to go to SDCC some day, like pretty much everyone here. Unlike most people, I don’t want to go to get exclusive merch, or to go to panels or to see trailers for upcoming TV shows. It’s because I’d love to go to W00tstock. It’s a variety show put on by Adam Savage, Wil Wheaton and the comedy band Paul and Storm each year, with whatever awesome friends they can convince to share their stage. A few years ago they got George RR Martin to come out on stage and smash Storm’s guitar as they played “Write like the Wind”, a song about wanting him to hurry up and finish A Song of Ice and Fire.

Last year, they followed up that classic with this:


Late to the party, so in the spirit of “comment on other people’s songs” I’ll just do the last one… Lorcan’s “w00tstock” song.

Hmm. Bad choice for me to comment on, because I’m clearly not the audience for it. Obviously a comedy song, and if I knew anything about Game of Thrones I’m sure I’d find the lyrics really funny and clever. But as I don’t, all I’m feeling is a desire to listen to (the stunningly good) American Pie instead.


Today I am listening mostly to violin concertos, so for my song of the day I have to go back to an album I’ve been listening to a lot over the holiday: Live from the House of Arts by Iamthemorning. This is the only song from it they’ve got on youtube:

Why do I like this? It grabbed me from the first bar: in 5/4 time with piano on the first three beats and pizzicato strings (and audience) on the last two. It’s like a (moden) classical composition, except it’s not because then you get drums and electric guitar (but note that the solo is played on classical guitar) and the singer is obviously a rock singer. But by the time the vocal comes in it’s changed to 3/4 time and is more clearly a proper rock song, then the bridge (I guess you’d call it) seems to be in… maybe 6/8? I’m not sure, but the vocal tone also changes and you’re almost in another song…

So, the reason I like this so much is because it packs so much into 4 minutes. It’s tuneful enough that you can hum along (or sing along if you can discern the lyric from her accent), rhythmic enough that you can clap along, and complex enough that if you just sit and listen you can hear something different every time.