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The Millarworld/Marvel Movie Connection


Watching Avengers: Age of Ultron this week got me thinking. How many actors who now have major roles in Marvel film franchises have also been in Millarworld movies? Both Quicksilvers (AoU & DoFP) were in Kick-Ass. Young Charles Xavier was in Wanted. Are there any others? Could Millarworld not only be the key to giving artists future financial freedom but also the place to break new acting talent?


Well, there’s also Samuel L Jackson of course, but I don’t think Marvel or Millarworld will claim to have discovered him. :slight_smile:


And Wanted also had Morgan Freeman, who of course has just been cast in Civil War. :wink:


SLJ was one of the ones I was trying to remember. Not that he was discovered but that he was in both. I think that’s a strong one as Millar had a strong hand in both roles.

Mark Strong has been in two Millarworld films and a DC film. :wink:

I had originally mixed Clark Duke and Elden Henson up and thought there was a connection to Daredevil.


Kingsmen’s Colin Firth was in a film called Gambit.

Does that count?


No, that’s a crossover with the new avengers, starring Patrick McNee, Joanna Lumley and Gareth Hunt