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The MillarWorld Eurovision 2017 live chat thread!


OK, so we’ve been talking Eurovision here, but this thread is for those watching tonight who want to discuss the show live, be sarcastic, and complain that Poland’s entry doesn’t have suggestive milk churning like they did a few years ago.

The show begins at 8PM GMT (9 CET), if you’re in a different time zone, you can find the time here

If it’s not on TV or a local streaming service in your region of choice, you can see it here:


While I don’t want to advocate Eurovision watching, apparently it is live streamed on Youtube as well.


Now nobody has an excuse to miss suggestive Polish milking maids.


Official stats showing hits on Poland’s national tourist board website following Eurovision 2014.


Pinned this one to the top of The Pub for one day. Have at thee.


Looks familiar :wink:

Scorecard, pen, wine (box), cheese and grapes at the ready.



The procession of the damned as begun. Polish singer lives up to the milkmaids


And Simon Pegg appears to be singing for Moldova


Happy “point and laugh and weird foreigners” day everyone!


I’d rather they just got on with it.


right, where’s my beer?


Was that the masked magician?


That or a shit Kylo Ren cosplayer


Romania appears to have left his sleeves at home.


Also, “Hello!” Germany!


The Bulgarian singer is happy to be allowed up past his bedtime.


What’s the odds of Russia bombing the venue?


Or at least hacking the votes.


And here comes my first swearing of the evening - these three can fuck right off