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The Millarworld 2015 Eurovision Party thread!


Millarworld! Saturday is Eurovision Finals night, and with any luck gay marraige will be made legal in Ireland!

To celebrate one of those things for sure, and either celebrate or comiserate the second, I propose as many of us as possible congregate here, in this thread, and comment as we will on the procedings. Who’s with me?


I’ll be here. Last year’s thread was great fun. Will anything top 2014’s Polish milk-churners?


I will be watching eurovision! i enjoy the insanity.


Ah, I’d hoped there’d be a Eurovision thread again this year.


I wish Ireland were still in it, to see if we’d get points just for the referendum today. I never even heard this year’s song.


For those without TV coverage:


And we’re off. Right, who is first up?


I haven’t heard any of the songs yet this year (semi finals are spoilers) other than the UK’s, so I’m going to make a random guess that Poland will win.

Poland are in the final, right?


Supporting Sweden, not heard the song or anything, like. I just love Sweden and all that they produce.


“I’ve worked with Elise, so I’ll be kind to her.” Oh Graham.


That’s some piss poor miming from the presenters


And so it begins. Watching on RTÉ until I can’t take Marty Whelan any more


Vanilla Ice!


Is that JKs anaemic younger brother?


This tosser in the hat has reminded me of the guy who gave the votes from one of the Eastern European countries last year that looked like a knock-off hockey playing Eminem. I hope for similar this year.


I’ve not heard our entry yet so that’ll be a surprise.


A wee spoiler for you @Chris, it’s shit.


I expected nothing more…


It is, but also kind of catchy and I find myself actually sort of liking it.