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The Millar Bug continues!!


How annoying! Am 2 weeks today with a flu virus!!!

I had a couple of days where it dipped and I tried to do regular stuff, but it knocked me back and am now giving in to it. Def better than it was, but head splitting.

Anyone else getting this end of summer bug? ugh!



Two weeks on a flu?! I can’t even imagine. Water and rest, Mark!


I have managed to remain unscathed. Feel better soon Mark.


Is it hitting your lungs? That feel better / get knocked down sounds too familiar. Are you on meds? Feel better, bro!


:frowning: Ugh. Take care of yourself please. If you hear gurgling in your lungs, get thee to a doc.


As the father of an 18 month germ factory I’ve had a cold for the past week. Colds and summer should be biologically impossible - I’m calling Mother Nature out for her bullshit here.


That sucks but it does mean you have Real, Proper Flu not the pansy, 48hr version.

Right now focus on getting rid of the fucker, but once you have, continue being careful because it’ll have done a number on your immune system and a few others. You need to let yourself recover fully too.


Not in lungs. Just a wee bit of a gangly cough. More a sore head, achy muscles and sleeping all the time.

I made the mistake of nipping down the shops a few times and muscles felt like I’d been beaten to death by The Thing.



Throw in some calcium and magnesium (if you can keep it down), that’ll help with the cramps. One good form is a banana split - with lotsa bananas!